Happy New Year (Hindi, 2014)

A team of misfits try to participate in the World Dance Championship without any intention of winning it but to pull off one of the biggest heists using the competition as a cover. Do they succeed in their attempt? Will they be able to overcome the hurdles to qualify for the dance competition? This is what forms the essence of this comedy-oriented heist flick.
Running Time:
180 min
Release date:
24 October 2014
Directed by:
Farah Khan
Produced by:
Gauri Khan
Karim Morani
Shah Rukh Khan
Written by:
Althea Kaushal
Farah Khan
Mayur Puri
Shah Rukh Khan
Deepika Padukone
Abhishek Bachchan
Boman Irani
Atishri Sarkar
Sonu Sood
Prithviraj Sukumaran
Anurag Kashyap
Music by:
Shekhar Ravjiani
Vishal Dadlani
Shot by:
Manush Nandan
Editing by:
Anand Subaya
Distributed by:
Yash Raj Films

What’s Hot

  • SRK leads not just the pack of six but valiantly seems to sum up all his energy to hold together a script that apparently has more holes in it than a rain-lashed roadway! Not alone does he use his well-accustomed grace and flair but also his well-chiseled body to keep the audience entertained. Even at 48, this man’s got the knack and his intro is one to watch out for.
  • Deepika Padukone apparently is the other saving grace in the movie. She grooves to the numbers that seem to be highlighting her potential as a dancer and also pulls off the colloquial Mumbai accent with aplomb.
  • Farah Khan, even though the captain of the ship, along with Geeta Kapoor seems to have provided ample concentration in choreographing the songs.
  • The songs have been composed well by Vishal-Shekhar and flow along with the mood of the film.

What’s Not

  • The whole plot seems to have been written when the script-writer had a brain-freeze. One of the world’s most secure locker placed in a room of easily removable panels, hair-spray used to detect IR shield, hacking systems using a Tablet – the movie just goes a bit too far in testing the acumen of the audience on more than one occasion. There is even a scene where every person in the movie-hall seems to know the password to a glass-safe while the crew goes nuts trying to figure it out. Trying to make use of one’s patriotism to keep the emotions stimulated doesn’t seem to have worked either.
  • Abhishek Bacchchan & Boman Irani seem to have been wasted in their roles and there isn’t anything catchy about their on-screen persona except for the Junior Bachchan’s snake moves. Apparently one feels that Sonu Sood has been cast in his role just to complement SRK’s six-pack and portray that it isn’t just SRK who can go around without a shirt on.
  • The duo of Farah Khan & SRK that delivered us memorable triumphs like Om Shanthi Om and Main Hoon Naa seem to have chosen a pretty mediocre script to celebrate their coming together for the 3rd time and end up providing us a flick that is more-likely to be categorized along-side Tees Maar Khan and not in the group of the aforementioned blockbusters.



Verdict Stamp

Though you have a star-studded line-up that boasts of a crew who can string together massive hits without much fuss, if you have a script that is flawed all the way and relies too much on the aesthetics to hold it up, the movie won’t keep the audience entertained. This would be a strict one time watch, that if you have the time to be amused by some dull-witted entertainment.

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