A stockbroker loses his job on the Black Monday market crash. To make ends meet, he joins a Penny Stocks agency & grows with his business acumen to create an empire of his own – Stratton Oakmont, a billion $ Wall street firm. His carefree lifestyle involving parties, women & drugs brings him down gradually & amidst all this, he has to tackle the Federal Bureau whose eyes are on him for possible illegalities & corruptions in the firm.
Running Time:
179 mins
Release date:
25 December 2013
Directed by:
Martin Scorsese
Produced by:
Martin Scorsese
Leonardo DiCaprio
Riza Aziz
Joey McFarland
Written by:
Jordan Belfort
Terence Winter
Based on:
The Wolf of Wall Street by
Jordan Belfort
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jonah Hill
Margot Robbie
Matthew McConaughey
Shot by:
Rodrigo Prieto
Editing by:
Thelma Schoonmaker
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
Universal Pictures

What’s Hot

  • In partnership with Terence Winter, Scorsese’s adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s book has been made with the right mix of dark humour, showmanship & crazy sequences making this work brilliantly as a comic entertainer. The Martin Scorsese-DiCaprio partnership is getting close to the Scorsese-DeNiro partnership in terms of offering unabashed classy entertainment, and the combination works like a charm here too.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio lives the role of Jordan Belfort to perfection. Be it the hunger in his eyes when he is climbing up the ladder or the posh class as the successful businessman owning the Naomi Yacht or the hopeless loser as a drug & sex addict or the determined leader who reverses his decision in his farewell – His show is top notch!
  • Giving him able company as Donnie Azoff is Jonah Hill who brings the roof down with his comic expressions & timing. The scene where he gets Jordan the Lemmon 714 makes the ensuing sequence a screamer and one epic scene for the ages.
  • Margot Robbie, McConaughey, Chandler, Dujardin come and go in small but significant roles adding to the film’s intensity. The other associates of the firm also have their moments.
  • The witty dialogues & psychic humour in some scenes offer spikes in entertainment thanks to the slick & super-fast editing by Thelma Schoonmaker, Scorcese’s long time editor.

What’s Not

  • The film is not so much about Wall Street & the games played in companies as it is about the Wolf in it. So, people expecting a Margin Call type of a film may get disappointed.
  • The film has a high proportion of adult content in terms of women & drugs and is definitely not for family watch.



Verdict Stamp

Dicaprio rules the roost in a crazy avatar set up perfectly for him by the master director Scorsese.