A teenager’s life goes haywire when his girlfriend cheats on him and he ends up meeting the “quintessential nice girl”. What unfolds is the story of how his vision for life, love and perception goes for a wholesome change.
Running Time:
95 min
Release date:
2 August 2013
Directed by:
James Ponsoldt
Produced by:
Tom McNulty
Shawn Levy
Michelle Krumm
Andrew Lauren
Written by:
Scott Neustadter
Michael H. Weber
Based on:
The Spectacular Now by
Tim Tharp
Miles Teller
Shailene Woodley
Brie Larson
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Kyle Chandler
Music by:
Rob Simonsen
Shot by:
Jess Hall
Editing by:
Darrin Navarro
Distributed by:
A24 Films

What’s Hot

  • Shailene Woodley walks away with the honors with her exceptional screen presence and versatile nuances in her expressions. A star to lookout for!
  • The film adaption of the book has been given the ‘thumbs up’ by the majority of the fans of the book.
  • Miles Teller fits the character to the ‘T’ and delivers what is required of him. Brie Larson as Cassidy comes across as an interesting character and definitely scores in her confrontations with Miles Teller.
  • Despite being a teen movie, it comes across as a serious flick with several touching moments rather than being goofy. The ‘accident’ scene in particular leaves a lasting impact. Watch out for that scene!
  • The grim cinematography by Jess Hall works with the mood of the film especially the scenes shot under street lights.

What’s Not

  • The problem lies with its main USP – it is serious than it looks and more attention could have been given to it. The problem between Sutter and his father could have been elaborated thereby giving extra clarity.



Verdict Stamp

A moving, soulful adaptation! One of the very best in recent times!