A young kid to be sold off to a childless couple sees her brother pass away. Alone in a new house with new adopted parents, she faces hardship in school when she gets booed and mocked at by fellow classmates when they learn that she does not know to read or write. Her foster father offers a good helping hand to her by teaching her how to read and write. What happens when her fascination for new words and books start growing on her?
Running Time:
131 min
Release Date:
8 November 2013
Directed by:
Brian Percival
Produced by:
Karen Rosenfelt
Ken Blancato
Written by:
Michael Petroni
Based on:
The Book Thief by
Markus Zusak
Sophie Nélisse
Geoffrey Rush
Emily Watson
Ben Schnetzer
Nico Liersch
Joachim Paul
Music by:
John Williams
Shot by:
Florian Ballhaus
Edited by:
John Wilson
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox

What’s Hot

  • The actors have all done a wonderful job of their roles. Sophie Nélisse and Geoffrey Rush have carved out splendid performances to show the kind of affection that exists between a father and a daughter. Nico Liersch’s acting stands out. The kind of innocent love and affection he shares with Sophie Nélisse is a treat to the eyes.
  • The story has given the necessary fillip to the director in making this movie a different and an admirable one.
  • The waltz played in the accordion is soothing to the ears and rightful enough to have won a nomination for the Academy Awards.
  • The screenplay of the movie is impressive for its steady pace and attention to detail. It has been given its due justice with the narration and the cinematography.

What’s Not

  • Even though the movie has to be credited for having told the story of book thief at a steady pace, it tends to get a tad slower at some places.



Verdict Stamp

The power of Caring & Sharing expressed nicely through a foster father-daughter bonding & a deep rooted cultivation of a love for books!