A typical country farm situated at the outskirts of a bustling city functions peacefully with a responsible master & faithful dog, until a day when Shaun, a sheep, comes up with a brilliant idea to bunk work at the farm. What follows is how this little stunt backfires and results in a humongous disaster with Shaun finding himself at the helm of damage control. Whether the farm gets back to normal or it becomes a distant memory is unveiled as the plot progresses.
Running Time:
85 min
Release date:
14 August 2015
Directed by:
Mark Burton
Richard Starzak
Produced by:
Paul Kewley
Julie Lockhart
Written by:
Mark Burton
Richard Starzak
Based on:
Shaun the Sheep by
Nick Park
Justin Fletcher
John Sparkes
Omid Djalili
Kate Harbour
Richard Webber
Simon Greenall
Emma Tate
Music by:
Ilan Eshkeri
Shot by:
Charles Copping
Dave Alex Riddett
Editing by:
Sim Evan-Jones
Distributed by:

What’s Hot

  • There are quite a number of animated features that boast of new and trending technologies being employed. With this movie, however, we are transported to the puppet like era that the current Gen-X experienced as kids. The strength of the technical team shows by bringing an episode to life as a full-length feature while keeping the story & nativity of characters untarnished.
  • The characters do not look imaginary; in fact they look like a mix of traits from various human beings we know. This makes the movie so relatable and the audience is somehow able to experience the emotions of these otherwise lifeless characters. The hunger pangs that the sheep feel, the disappointment of the dog on losing his master, the selfishness of the pigs contribute effectively. Also, as the plot progresses, new characters like the animal control inspector are introduced and have their defined characteristics which allow the creator to engage the audience.
  • The character arcs of each of the part results in them taking up a travel of their own to set things right. The master does it unknowingly; the animals do it to get their master back & the inspector does it to seek revenge. These separate pieces of individual storyline fix together snuggly and lift the movie on the whole.

What’s Not

  • The film, however cute and relatable, sometimes edges over to the other side of being over-dramatic and imaginary. The final climax takes the steam away from an otherwise carefully created storyline.




Verdict Stamp

A brave attempt to show a simplistic story in a simple manner – Shaun the Sheep, brings out the kids lying dormant within the audience. A watch that would keep you engaged and force you to rethink the concept of priorities & belongings.