Ella, the daughter of a fine merchant, finds herself at crossroads of life when her dad asks for one more shot at his happiness and life; post his wife & Ella’s mother’s demise. With her dad passing away on a distant trip, Ella is forever drowned in sorrow. Her Step mother & Step sisters aren’t a great help either, putting her down at every given opportunity. With the guidance from fairy godmother, does Ella succumb to the sorrow or does she move on and lead a happy life?
Running Time:
106 min
Release date:
20 March 2015
Directed by:
Kenneth Branagh
Produced by:
Simon Kinberg
Allison Shearmur
David Barron
Written by:
Chris Weitz
Based on:
Disney’s Cinderella
Cendrillon by Charles Perrault
Cate Blanchett
Lily James
Richard Madden
Stellan Skarsgård
Holliday Grainger
Derek Jacobi
Helena Bonham Carter
Music by:
Patrick Doyle
Shot by:
Haris Zambarloukos
Editing by:
Martin Walsh
Distributed by:
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Lifting a well-known time tested bedtime story from the books and breathing life into it, with humane characters while keeping the magical factor intact, is quite a task at hand. The director, however, does not disappoint by having a strong and realistic back story with well- rounded execution.
  • The little Ella in a beautiful white frock flocking around her garden chatting with her friends and mother. Her adolescence marked with a beautiful flowy dress in sky blue remarking her belief in sky and the beautiful clouds taking forms. The entrance of her step-relatives showcased by gaudy, bold and contrasting colors indicates a swing in moods. Finally, her glittering blue gown with sparkly glass shoes steal our hearts. The detailing of each character in terms of accessories inclusive of the footwear have been scrutinized and carefully chosen.
  • The picturesque surroundings and thematic arrangement of locations and characters are quite thoughtfully set and add on to the story as we know it. There are no frames cluttered with characters and props until absolutely necessary. The make-up has been done meticulously never to overpower the natural beauty of actors.

What’s Not

  • Scoring high on all fronts, the movie leaves very little things to surprise. For an avid movie watcher, there is nothing new in the screenplay or witty dialogues. The supporting narrative in the background though helpful, does not give the storyline a necessary completion.


Art Direction


Verdict Stamp

A childhood fantasy, with the essence of life and the struggle to happiness, explained in simple terms is how each child of yesteryear and today remembers the story of 'Cinderella'. A wonderful execution of the fairy tale with apt casting and extravagant costumes- Cinderella is a dream come true for each and every maiden.