Eilis – an ordinary girl from a small town in Ireland has the opportunity to find a better future in the US. Amidst the diverse emotions of fear, elation and sadness of leaving her family, she sets out on a journey to find a home away from home. What ensues is a beautiful tale of love, friendship and family values intertwined with her success & loss.
Running Time:
112 min
Release date:
26 November 2015
Directed by:
John Crowley
Produced by:
Finola Dwyer
Amanda Posey
Written by:
Nick Hornby
Based on:
Brooklyn by
Colm Tóibín
Saoirse Ronan
Emory Cohen
Domhnall Gleeson
Jim Broadbent
Julie Walters
Music by:
Michael Brook
Shot by:
Yves Bélanger
Editing by:
Jake Roberts
Distributed by:
Fox Searchlight Pictures

What’s Hot

  • Nick Hornby happens to have everything chalked out to T in his screenplay with varied progression and right dips for each character. The believability of characters and their intersection through the medium is like a hot knife slicing its way through butter with utmost care and finesse. An Irish immigrant working & studying, a landlord who is a traditional woman yet very forward, a plumber who is an immigrant too yet wants to start a company – every character has a job and also an specific trait that makes you remember them.
  • Sairose Ronan, as Eilis, does not disappoint. Given the screen space and her character arc, she steals the show with another noteworthy performance proving that a good part needs a fitting actor to deliver. Her emotions and down to earth performance is further enhanced when Emory Cohen shows up. His flamboyance and boyish attitude compliments her restraint and reclusiveness.
  • The supporting cast includes some exclusive actors like Julie Waters and Jim Broadbent who provide depth and dimension to the main actors. Acting as pivotal points around which the story twirls before settling down to the otherwise normal pace, they showcase the power of underplaying and prove once again that lesser is sometimes better.
  • Without the contribution from Art direction and costume designers, the movie would have limped into oblivion. The attires are hip (given the time) and the props are ever so helpful. The locations are also carefully chosen and non-tiring as they are never repeated unless absolutely necessary.

What’s Not

  • The travel from Ireland to Brooklyn looks like a homecoming for Eilis, but somehow does not seem convey what it intends to. Was it to induce a déjà vu,‘ I was here before’ moment or just a hint to show how she has moved on from being a recipient to a giver remains unanswered.
  • The character of Rose, though well defined, does not have a vivacity which it should. Her existence and eventual demise are dealt as mere situations and are very mysterious and stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise good script.


Art Direction


Verdict Stamp

A narrative so subtle & honest from beginning to end, taking you through the life of Eilis - 'Brooklyn' happens to be a rarity as it deals with a over-tried concept of love and ordinary characters, leaving us with a satisfaction and secretive happiness that is hard to forget or forgo.