Hiro Hamada is a genius whiz kid who can handle advanced robotics at just 14 years and spends all his time in bot-fights. His brother Tadashi Hamada sees his true potential and inspires him to enrol at his university and Hiro develops micro bots to showcase his talent and enter the college. Shorty after vowing everyone at the showcase event, a dastardly fire kills Tadashi and destroys all his micro bots – that’s what was presumed until Tadashi’s health care robot Baymax accidentally stumbles upon a masked super villain who is using the micro bots. The attempts to unmask the villain and unearth the truth by Hiro, Baymax and their band of friends drive the rest of the movie.
Running Time:
102 min
Release date:
7 November 2014
Directed by:
Don Hall
Chris Williams
Produced by:
Roy Conli
Written by:
Jordan Roberts
Dan Gerson
Robert L. Baird
Based on:
Big Hero 6
Man of Action
Ryan Potter
Scott Adsit
Daniel Henney
T. J. Miller
Jamie Chung
Damon Wayans, Jr.
Music by:
Henry Jackman
Edited by:
Tim Mertens
Distributed by:
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What’s Hot

  • You got to love all the fancy imagination pumped into the tech wizardry at the disposal of Hiro and his friends. Supersonic wheels, Razor sharp lasers, chemically explosive immobilizers, fire breathing dragon suits and Fight trained robots equipped with jet thrusts – the inner kid in everyone is bound to come alive to enjoy the high octane visualizations.
  • Disney has got it right again with some awe evoking animation right from the beginning where Hiro showcases the endless possibilities of micro bots, until the very end where there is a show down between the evil controlled micro bots and the super hero band with super powers leveraged from advanced technology – a dream marriage between fun and tech indeed.
  • The story has a beautiful mix of emotions to capture the feelings of brotherhood between Hiro and Tadashi and Hiro’s struggles to cope with Tadashi’s demise. The emotional climax featuring Hiro and Baymax does not miss to move the audience either – Overall a crafty story accompanied by perfect execution.

What’s Not

  • The screenplay or the conceived manner in which Hiro goes about his mission to stop the masked villain does not seem to be as inspired as the technical front of the movie. Hiro’s unravelling the solution to overcome the villain comes pretty late considering he should know better being the creator of the micro bots. Further, he creates a team of tech powered superheroes instead of creating another micro bot army which is inexplicable except for a pre-meditation to involve super hero elements.



Verdict Stamp

To claim that Disney has unleashed their best ever animated movie yet, will not be an exaggeration! Each minute detail captured in this showdown of the techno-geeky resolute heroes and the villain hell bent on revenge stands testimony to this. Loop up to this ‘Big Hero’ and you are in for a feisty experience with a fair share of emotional bonding and touching scenes, a crowd favourite - in short!