A small town youth, to escape from the life his father has designed for him & inspired by the awareness that booze is subsidized in the Army, enlists in the BSF. When the loneliness that the job brings along almost gets to him, he finds solace in the form of his love interest in a border town. Curfew imposed by an Indo Pak conflict makes him realize his love is from across the border. Will he go the extra mile to win her over?
Running Time:
131 min
Release date:
12 August 2016
Directed by:
G. N. R. Kumaravelan
Produced by:
M. Balavishwaanathan
Written by:
G. N. R. Kumaravelan
Vikram Prabhu
Ranya Rao
Ajay Rathnam
Raj Kapoor
Music by:
D. Imman
Shot by:
S. R. Sathish Kumar
Editing by:
Raja Mohammad

What’s Hot

  • A setup that is oft-repeated in Hindi films, but new for Tamil films has been attempted and there are a number of observations (even if they aren’t the main plot areas) on the BSF captured well in the depiction. That calls for a pat for the maker GMR Kumaravelan.
  • In Imman’s composition there are at least two hummable numbers and the background score plays its bit in keeping us engrossed in moments that seem to be capable of holding the viewer’s attention.
  • The film’s crew has worked hard and it shows in the convincing way in which the locations make us believe we are shown areas around the tension-filled border zones in Kashmir. Sathish’s camerawork deserves ample credit for that.
  • Vikram Prabhu’s earnest efforts come across well in scenes depicting his initial struggles with his own self & his decision and those showing the viewpoint he provides as to why the topic of love cannot power over other issues of national interest. Ranya Rao, in her tamil debut, makes a little mark staying expressive despite her poorly etched character.

What’s Not

  • The writer in Kumaravelan seems to have got himself confused in the muddle of what and how much to show of the Indo Pak conflict in this love story and ends up testing our patience with some poorly conceived sequences which make us feel the hero is attempting to save his love from panchayat heads by crossing district borders & not from a formidable army across national borders!
  • One would wonder if there was a film that wasted more characters in recent times than this one does – Ajay Ratnam to Karunaas to Raj Kapoor to Sathyan to Rajendran – the usefulness of these characters can be debated against convincingly.
  • The way the Pakistan Army is depicted in the film is beyond belief – Such inflated pointed hatred was totally uncalled for and ends up spoiling what could have been a very touching emotional scene (the shooting of a family).




Verdict Stamp

The setup is new for a Tamil film but much more could have been done with it than using it to take us through a pretty lame love-at-first-sight story & attempting us to rile over and loath the Pakistan Army – which in itself is depicted as a bunch of inept, unprofessional local thugs.