Kabaleeswaran, a revolutionary who fights for the betterment of his race in a foreign land, is falsely implicated and thrown behind bars. When he returns after his prison term, he starts a search for his wife and ends up confronting those who were the reason behind his miseries. What follows is a tale of revenge, emotion, drama, jealousy, treason, loyalty, love and payback.
Running Time:
150 min
Release date:
22 July 2016
Directed by:
Pa. Ranjith
Produced by:
Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Written by:
Pa. Ranjith
Winston Chao
Radhika Apte
Dinesh Ravi
John Vijay
Rosyam Nor
Music by:
Santhosh Narayanan
Shot by:
G. Murali
Editing by:
Praveen K.L

What’s Hot

  • Rajnikanth as Kabaleeswaran aka Kabali plays an aging don who does immense justice to his age. He doesn’t mouth passion-inducing, blood-boiling dialogues, doesn’t perform extravagant stunts, doesn’t woo damsels half his age but manages to impose himself into a role that is tailor-made for him keeping in mind his age and mass appeal. Kudos to the director for making Rajni talk less and making his actions talk louder. Watch out for those pull-ups in the prison, hands-in-pocket walk and mouthing of ‘Magizhchi’ – Goosebumps guaranteed!
  • For somebody who is just into this 3rd movie and has already established himself as a director with a natural touch, Ranjith doesn’t let down the expectations of the audience. A water-tight screenplay, dialogues that gel well with the setting of the movie, no pace-defying songs, apt choice of actors that contributes to an ensemble cast – there’s not much that this guy can do wrong.
  • A loophole-less screenplay that appeals to the masses and an endearing touch of emotion that is bound to pull in the family audience – Rajni couldn’t have asked more at this stage of his career. Watch out for the post-climax scene that would be open for discussion and something that the director leaves to the creativity of the audience.
  • Dialogues don’t ride high on emotions but do enough to keep the momentum going. For all those who might try to wreck Rajni’s costumes and his character in the movie, Ranjith makes sure he answers via a graduation ceremony sequence – smart indeed!!
  • Radhika Apte’s on and off appearance augurs well with what the story needed. As a woman who stands by her man and is his unshakeable pillar of support, she does a great job with the dialogue delivery and in those sporadic emotional sequences. Sai Dhansika’s makeover is one to watch out for and the lass does pull off a fine job. Attakathi Dinesh as the loyal wingman, does what is laid out in front of him with utmost diligence and hogs the limelight for a deservedly few minutes. Nassar in a cameo, John Vijay in a role that reminds one of yesteryear’s Janakaraj, Kalaiyarasan, Kishore and Riythvika complete a cast that neatly executes what the director would have wanted in them.
  • Santhosh Narayanan’s introductory BGM for Rajni is a goosebump-inducing marvel and he underlines his class once again with songs that flow with the mood of the film.

What’s Not

  • Lack of the Rajni euphoria – some sections of the audience are prone to be disappointed. But the overall movie should make up for the lack of it, if the audience is mature enough to understand this.
  • Santhosh Narayanan’s other solos BGM stands out but one would expect from this upcoming genius to produce more such moments of brilliance.




Verdict Stamp

This is not a movie for the die-hard Rajni fans expecting their hero to whoop the baddies, bring the roof down with his comic sense or play the universe savior – but this is one for those who would love to see Rajni in a matured role that prognosticates his abilities on screen - what the star is capable of at this stage of his career in a well-presented story. Is our movie-watching public mature enough to understand and accept that this is one of the better performances of a star who does more than enough even without doing what he usually does? – that is something that the money coffers will answer.