A model village in Tamil Nadu is inhabited by disciplined and honest people, which sees no use for the police or law by virtue of their mutual co-existence. The local police station remains a namesake and the four lucky police officers in charge of it, live the best lives they could imagine. However, their happiness is jolted when the authorities decide to disband the police station citing no law and order. In a bid to retain their rosy lives, the officers try hard to create disharmony in the village. The subsequent turn of events is what the rest of the story is all about.
Running Time:
135 min
Release date:
24 July 2015
Directed by:
N. J. Srikrishna
Produced by:
V. S. Rajkumar
P. Arumugakumar
J Sathish Kumar
Written by:
N. J. Srikrishna
Arulnithi Tamilarasu
Remya Nambeesan
Bagavathi Perumal
D Singampuli
Karthick Siivan
Syed Abu
Music by:
BR Rajin
Shot by:
Mahesh Muthuswamy
Editing by:
V. J. Sabu Joseph

What’s Hot

  • For a comedy film, the screenplay is surprisingly fresh and unpredictable at many important places, which makes for a good watch. The director has made clever choices to use Arulnidhi and Remya Nambeesan simply as part of the big picture and there is no single lead character in the movie, which complements the story that has equal weightage for Singampuli and “Yogi” Babu who normally do minor comedy roles.
  • Singampuli brings the roof down with his antics as the police officer who would do anything to avoid conflict. The short bursts of serious emotions that he produces are equally effective as they still evoke mild humor. “Yogi” Babu produces his best as a thief who controls the latter portions of the movie and the dialogues play a major role in their success.
  • The director has to be commended for taking the story to such an unexpected ending. It serves multiple purposes like preventing the second half from dragging to an expected clichéd climax. Even more astonishing is his guts to do that with a comedy film. It takes a more practical approach by stressing the importance of deep thought before acting as there is no reset or rewind button in life.
  • The background score is more than adequate with its multi-faceted ability to suit the humour in the first half, the suspense in the second half with equal effectiveness. Though nothing unique and extraordinary, the folk themed beats to underline the meetings between Arulnidhi and Remya is quite enjoyable.

What’s Not

  • Despite having just one song, we still feel we are not being unfair to say that the song should have been avoided. Though the visuals were somewhat funny, the song itself was a noticeable discomfort with jarring sounds and beats not matching the visuals. It would have made a better choice to feature it at the end credits, we felt.
  • The fourth policeman played by Rajkumar, had very little to offer to the story and proceedings. He had limited dialogues and screen space compared to the other three. Doing away with that character, would have made things quite balanced and concentrated on the main characters carrying the movie.
  • The acting could have been a lot better from the lead character which Arulnidhi was entrusted with. Though the movie was saved by the fact all characters had equal footing, his skills are still two-dimensional – one for romance and another for fear or anger. With little or no innovation on his part, the scenes depend on others to deliver the goods.



Verdict Stamp

“Naalu Policeum Nalla irundha oorum” on the outside, can look to be quite the typical comedy based commercial movies that we are used to see in Tamil Cinema, but has quite something different to offer if we care to look closely, especially with the kind of climax it features. A definite offering of enjoyable laughs, this is one quirkily funny movie that you won’t regret watching!