In the quest for the successor to the throne of the gang lord of Royapuram, colloquially referred to by the term of Naina, the current Naina’s henchmen identify Johnny as the true heir. Little do they know that Johnny is a meek coward who gets into a sort of epileptic fit the moment he sights blood.
Running Time:
130 min
Release date:
17 June 2016
Directed by:
Sam Anton
Produced by:
A. Subashkaran
Written by:
Sam Anton
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Yogi Babu
VTV Ganesh
Music by:
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Shot by:
Krishnan Vasanth
Editing by:
Anthony L Ruben
Distributed by:
Lyca Productions

What’s Hot

  • Sam Anton who made the successful Darling is certainly a shrewd operator. He has spiced a simple script with spoofy pop-culture filmy references that is bound to delight the modern day Tamizh cinema ‘Fan’. Of course, there is enough stuff within EIPI to show that he should not be judged based on a popcorn entertainer.
  • G.V. Prakash still does not possess the screen presence to hold the audience for even a moment. Perhaps that is why he still sports a beard. He needs a pulsating theme to instigate applause from the audience. But what he does have is an astute mind. Taking up a character that never turns him into the larger than life hero shows the thinking behind selecting such a role. While he still has a long way to go, it is good that he at least is ruminating on his path.
  • Of the supporting actors, Yogi Babu shines the brightest delighting us with his running commentary on the happenings. Similarly, Vijay Varadharaj brings his rip-roaring Temple Monkey’s form to the silver screen. There are also noteworthy performances from Karunas, Charlie, Saravanan and Nirosha. Special mention to the antagonist who looks the part.
  • Krishnan Vasant’s camera & Ruben’s editing do wonders to the film. There are umpteen sequences where their work makes us enjoy the scenes. In a film which happens predominantly at night, Krishnan Vasant’s lighting and camera work is blemish-less.

What’s Not

  • Even considering the fact that the film is a mindless comedy, there are umpteen jokes that are downright sexist and misogynistic. Repeated usage of the word ‘potta’ too seems unnecessarily forced. The songs too do not merge organically into the film and inadvertently end up as either washroom-breaks or mobile checking moments.
  • It is a surprise that Anandhi can come across as a cynosure heroine who turns the attention of the hero towards her in an instant. She is acceptable as the gullible village girl who is stuck in Andhra Pradhesh in Visaaranai but certainly not as a prima donna in an ultra-commercial film like EIPI.




Verdict Stamp

'Enakku Innoru Per Iruku' belongs to the ‘mindless comedy’ genre which is saved by the plethora of strong supporting actors delivering gag after gag which work most of the times.