Senguttuvan is a youngster ridden with debts and joins his friend to work for a small time smuggler. They strive to land one big value deal that can catapult them to the luxurious lives they dream of, after paying off their debts. They coincidentally get a chance to undertake one such deal that others dread to even think of – to retrieve an amulet that has great powers but is rumoured to bring death for its owner! The pursuit takes unexpected turns along the way as their survival is put in jeopardy!

Running Time:
132 min
Release date:
16 June 2017
Directed by:
ARK Saravan
Produced by:
G. Dillibabu
Written by:
ARK Saravan
Nikki Galrani
Daniel Annie Pope
Mime Gopi
Kota Srinivasa Rao
Arunraja Kamaraj
M.S. Baskar
Kaali Venkat
Music by:
Dhibu Ninan Thomas
Shot by:
PV Shankar
Editing by:
Prasanna GK

What’s Hot

  • The direction from ARK Saravan is what keeps this movie from slipping into mediocrity. His choice of actors and limited yet impactful portrayal romance between the lead pair, makes it a fresh experience for the audience. The mystery behind the absence of Ramdoss’s famous slang and that of Nikki Galrani’s characterization impart the intended effect of a crazy one-of-a kind attempt in making this a comedy-adventure-fantasy genre film!

  • The tone and texture of the film generates that adequate feel of a whacky adventure flick that it is, thanks to skillful cinematography from PV Shankar. Apart from the apt lighting indoor and outdoor, we do get a fair dose of unique camera angles that add to the sense of adventure.

  • Dhibu’s music is spot on when it comes to supplementing the adrenaline rush generated by the unexpected plot twists and the intense scenes of cat and mouse that punctuate the second half.

  • The underlying core of a good enjoyable comedy flick stands out distinctly among other traits infused via Adventure and Fantasy. If the spotless performances of the support cast including the likes the Ramdoss, Anand Raj and Daniel Pope are what we ultimately relate to, the humorous dialogues they mouth are the real reasons why they looked so good!

What’s Not

  • With a second half doing a bulk of the work taking the movie forward, the drawn out build up to the interval could have been made tauter with a better screenplay and similarly the climax takes its own time winding up where the editing had lot of scope for improvement.

  • As a basic story that feeds a fantasy adventure there were quite a few striking similarities with other trend setting movies in the recent past like Soodhu Kavvum and Naanum Rowdydhaan, that flood our memories which we feel dampens the excitement albeit they could be unavoidable.

  • Aadhi as the lead character definitely was an underwhelming performance to say the least. The voice modulation especially was pretty uninspiring and not to mention the plastic reactions in the supposedly emotional scenes!




Verdict Stamp

With dark humour as its uncompromised base, Maragadha Naanayam keeps adding more flavours of fantasy and adventure as it rolls along. Witty writing covers up for the flat lining phases of the narrative to ensure the creativity stays afloat to spring surprises!