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  • Kodi Movie Review PipingHotViews
  • Kodi Movie Review PipingHotViews

Kodi (Tamil, 2016)

Kodi and Anbu are look-alike twins born to staunch political worker who immolates himself in protest for a good cause. Kodi dedicates himself to carry over the work of his late father to take his party to greater heights, while Anbu puts family first. When Kodi’s love for Rudra, a fierce speaker from the rival party begins to impede his political career, he also stumbles upon a scam that shakes his beliefs to unveil a flurry of events that brings Anbu into the mix of unexpected events!
Running Time:
140 min
Release date:
28 October 2016
Directed by:
R. S. Durai Senthilkumar
Produced by:
P. Madan
Written by:
R. S. Durai Senthilkumar
Trisha Krishnan
Anupama Parameswaran
Saranya Ponvannan
Kaali Venkat
S. A. Chandrasekhar
Music by:
Santhosh Narayanan
Shot by:
Venkatesh S
Editing by:
Prakash Mabbu
Distributed by:
Escape Artists Motion Pictures

What’s Hot

  • It’s a very rare occurrence in Tamil Cinema where the lead lady gets a meaty role and more special when it has potential to even overshadow the protagonist. The director Durai Senthikumar has put together a fine script that has so much going in favour of the lead lady who even manages to overshadow a charismatic Dhanush who nails his first ever dual role with precision!
  • Undoubtedly this has to be Trisha Krishnan’s most influential role in her famed career. Her progressive transformation from a lovelorn politician to an unprecedented level is definitely the USP of this movie where she has proven her class yet again. The costumes designed for her role are quite well done too and deserve appreciation.
  • The first half of the movie has got the right mix of fun, emotion, action, suspense and intrigue built into the screenplay which moves at quite the right pace to reach the interval block without giving away what is in store for the latter half.
  • Santosh Narayan’s talent at producing foot tapping songs and mesmerizing melodies are showcased right from the beginning with ‘Ez Suzhali’ stealing the spotlight as it sounds pretty fresh and shot very pleasantly well with bright colours that enhance the experience. His background score which has been his forte, takes him another step towards greatness!

What’s Not

  • The second half loses steam right after the early unexpected twist that has a good shock value, but the sequences after that are nothing more than alternating verbal duels and slow motion walkathons with the stock BGM in tow which are a test of patience before the inevitable final showdown.
  • Just when we sigh in relief that this is not turning into the usual dual role movies we see, the second half breaks that mirage and to worsen it they try to give a scientific explanation for the convenient easy way out taken to move the story forward.
  • Santosh Narayan’s songs in the second half seemed a rehash of his previous numbers from Kabali with strong resemblences to ‘Nerrupu Da’ and ‘Maya Nadhi’. His overdose of similar numbers with Arunraja Kamaraja could be the reason – something we wish he rethinks to reinvent himself to avoid slipping further into repetition!




Verdict Stamp

Kodi is surely not one of the usual movies for it has a script that pits the lead lady on equal terms as the protagonist while featuring good music and sporting a well-knit screenplay that works for most of the time – just enough to keep it flying past the pitfalls!

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