In order to develop a script for his first film, Tamizh calls upon his friends for a discussion. The group he assembles consists of a cinematographer, a director-wannabe with 40 years of industry experience and three young Assistant directors. Tamizh’s struggles to ready his script while balancing all his personal struggles is the core of “Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam”.
Running Time:
128 min
Release date:
15 August 2014
Directed by:
R. Parthiepan
Produced by:
K. Chandramohan
Written by:
R. Parthiepan
Santhosh Prathap
Akhila Kishore
Dinesh Natarajan
Lallu Prasath
Sahithya Jagannathan
Vijay Ram
Music by:
Alphons Joseph
S Thaman
Sharreth Vasudevan
C. Sathya
Vijay Antony
Shot by:
Raja Rathinam
Editing by:
R. Sudharsan
Distributed by:
Reves Creations

What’s Hot

  • It’s a fantastic one-man show by Parthiban as he makes a comeback with this uniquely titled film. As the title proclaims, the story, the screenplay, the dialogues and the direction standout. Additionally, the quirky tagline which sets up the audience that the movie might not have a story is an ingenious technique in itself. Make no mistake about this, the movie does have a strong storyline and an engaging emotional core. The structure of story within a story within a story that is seen in numerous epics is mimicked to great success here.
  • The episodic narrative is exceptional and stunningly intriguing – so much so that it goes forward, backward, sideways, turns roundabout, moonwalks a little and even does a pirouette. It always keeps the audience puzzled in a positive way exploiting all the clichés of Tamil movies in an interesting way, till the untying of the knot happens. For instance the visions of marriage that comes when the director meets Rupa are given a rational explanation later which also serves as an interesting plot device in the movie inside the movie.
  • The few cameos by the Parthiban as the director directing the movie, are interesting. Some in a very good way, some in a not so great way. But they do push the boundaries of the narrative and this being a metamovie (an art about making art along the lines of Francois Truffaut’s Day for night, Synecdoche New York, Adaptation & the recent Jigarthanda) all is fair. The other cameos essayed by Vishal, Vijay Sethupathi, Taapsee, Arya & Amala Paul – are never needless & bring in high quality star power essential for a film with such lofty ambitions.
  • Generally, the dialogues in Parthiban’s films radiate his innate quirkiness. That it is not as starkly pronounced as in his previous films, works to this particular film’s favor. The dialogues are appropriate and dictated solely by the situation with a generous dosage of humor. The dialogues between Thambi Ramaiah and Vijay Ram – like the “Vulundha Vadai” sequence tickle the funny bone. Also the poetry by Rupa & the monologue by Thambi Ramaiah’s character impresses a great deal.
  • Santhosh Prathap as Thamizh shows immense promise – As the serious one in the gang – the brooding writer/director who tries to manage his personal life and his career – he neither goes overboard nor comes half done. The character of the wife has been sketched interestingly with various shades and has been performed well by Akhila Kishore. The plethora of supporting actors are all interesting to watch – Thambi Ramaiah as Seenu & Vijay Ram as Murali/Surli standout.
  • A special mention to the art director, Vijay Murugan for his ingenious array of props throughout the film. Other than that, all the technical departments have supported more than adequately, but let the focus be solely on the innovative screenplay.

What’s Not

  • Though this is strictly not a flaw, the experimental structure of the movie, which works brilliantly most times, might put off regular audiences. Also, people who are expecting a typical indulgent Parthiban film might be in for a shock as he brings up content that can compete with ones from the present new age directors.



Verdict Stamp

In recent times, seldom has this often repeated line of ‘Taking Tamil Cinema to the next level’ been associated with a veteran like Parthiban. When such a personality daringly rolls up his sleeves & reinvents himself to present an engaging tale, what more can we ask for!