A group of school kids staging a play on Jesus’s birth for a Christmas celebrations, a teacher in the school who cannot give birth to a child, a student stuck amidst the impending divorce of his parents, a young Sri Lankan couple whose girl was killed in the war, a teen girl who gets pregnant and decides to give birth and a poor couple desperate to have a boy after having three girls – All these six tracks have a common problem related to children, which the movie tries to bring to a conclusion in the rest of the story.
Running Time:
152 min
Release date:
1 January 2016
Directed by:
Produced by:
Written by:
Akhil Farook
Vinodhini Vaidyanathan
John Vijay
Meera Krishnan
Rajesh Gunasekar
Neha Babu
Music by:
Ved Shankar Sugavanam
Shot by:
Vijay Armstrong
Editing by:
B. Pravin Baaskar

What’s Hot

  • Karunas has had enough scope to show what he is really made of and portrays an auto driver with a caring attitude to his wife and kids. He is so believable with his antics when he loses his cool. While many of the huge cast put in amateurish or artificial efforts like Naren’s pair, Vinodini etc, natural acting from many of them like the school kids, the teen mom and ‘Madras’ Riythvika makes up for the mishaps.
  • A fresh, bright and clear set of visuals in each frame set by Vijay Armstrong’s lens work, is a delectable piece of work. The romantic song featuring the teen mom and the comical chase between the constable and the school kids are few of the highlights which stand testament to the quality of work on show.
  • Ved Shankar’s music is undoubtedly the life line that keeps the movie alive for most of the time with a couple of soulful melodies and some complimenting background scores, especially the titular song which is the pick of the lot as it cuts a soothing effect on the audience.

What’s Not

  • As we put out in the plot, there are one too many tracks being shown and with not all of them having a decent connect, the way the screenplay relays between them is quite distracting. Further, the way the director tries hard to bring them under one roof for the climax looks much fabricated.
  • For a movie that stresses how invaluable a child is by taking up the lives of people in six different situations, it’s appalling to see the kind of stunts it does with a baby in the climax for cheap thrills like transport it in a back pack worn by kids riding their cycles, or the bag thrown in front of a speeding lorry, or letting the baby fall from a building to a soft landing!




Verdict Stamp

With a good central plot relating to children and how they influence the well-being of various kinds of families, Azhagu Kutty Chellam squanders the opportunity to reach greatness as it tries too hard to establish the plot by resorting to multiple incoherent story lines and some ill-advised tactics. Nevertheless, a strong technical show makes it a worthy watch and a respectable attempt!