Arjunin Jaihind 2 (Tamil, 2014)

Abimanyu, a trained Karate expert leads a normal life teaching Karate as a hobby and repairing computers for a living. His solitude is given a break when he runs into Nandini and they fall in love when she is saved by Abimanyu from a freak accident. At a time when wedding bells ring for the couple, the entire family of an acquaintance commits suicide over their inability to pay the school fees of the kid. Rattled by the event, Abimanyu vows to create a change in the system and proposes a revolutionary model to end the misery of overloaded parents. The fate of his crusade against the rich and the powerful forms the crux of the rest of this movie.
Running Time:
154 min
Release date:
07 November 2014
Directed by:
Arjun Sarja
Produced by:
Arjun Sarja
Written by:
Arjun Sarja
GK Gopinath
Arjun Sarja
Surveen Chawla
Atul Mathur
Baby Yuvina
Charlotte Claire
Music by:
Arjun Janya
Shot by:
HC Venugopal
Editing by:
Kay Kay
Distributed by:
Sree Raam Films International

What’s Hot

  • Arjun has been able to mask his age and produce a praiseworthy performance as Abimanyu, the protagonist. His physique is still in excellent shape, reminiscent of the peak years of his career and plays a crucial role in justifying the breathtaking stunts associated with his character as a karate expert in the movie – truly the one and only ‘Action King’. His chemistry with Surveen is also striking while she has done a good part in displaying her emotions.
  • The screenplay is devised in a neat approach to narrate the story from five different character aspects. This helps to keep the audience in the blind until the end when each trait is given the necessary attention to reveal the overall relevance to the script.
  • One common hassle that middle and lower income families face is the exorbitant fees charged by private schools and the poor quality in government schools which force them to prefer private schools and end up cash stricken. The team has to be commended for taking this up as the core of the movie to create awareness as well as propose a solution that would solve this issue and could probably even put the nation on its path to become a superpower.

What’s Not

  • A major distraction to the serious core of the movie is undoubtedly the placement of the duet songs. This case even defies the common argument provided by creators – “Songs are needed to enhance the commercial viability”, since the songs featured here leave the audience in clear discomfort due to the lack of engaging tunes or thrilling visuals.
  • The outdated style of direction is evident in the way the comedy track is handled. Brahmanandam and Mayilsamy – two versatile actors have been really wasted due to their total irrelevance to the story and their portions are plugged into the main stream narration without adding any value for the cause.
  • There is too much of drama and emotion surrounding the portrayal of a poor girl’s family trying hard to retain her admission into an affluent private school. The point is made, but one gets the feeling that the trauma the parents suffer is delved too much into than required.



Verdict Stamp

When you look for a sequel to ‘JaiHind’, you know it will brim with moments of patriotism – This movie doesn't disappoint at that and to complement that, has a strong social message at its core. The dud commercial aspects including abject songs and an ordinary comedy track keep pushing the objective of the movie into an abyss until its lost forever!

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