When it that time of the year approaching a fishing festival, a notorious village in Madurai district creates trouble for its neighbour who won first rights over a common lake, decades ago. This year is no different and the government invokes 144 curfew on the troublesome village. A crooked wealthy man takes advantage of this situation and stashes a booty of gold he had stumbled upon, ingeniously in an idol inside the village. At the same time, a group of greedy youngsters plan to rob him of his booty. The events that follow showing who ends up securing the booty forms the rest of the story.
Running Time:
133 min
Release date:
27 November 2015
Directed by:
G. Manikandan
Produced by:
C. V. Kumar
Abinesh Elangovan
Written by:
G. Manikandan
Ashok Selvan
Sruthi Ramakrishnan
Uday Mahesh
Madhusudhan Rao
Jawahar Sakthi
Music by:
Sean Roldan
Shot by:
R. B. Gurudev
Editing by:
Leo John Paul
Distributed by:
Abi & Abi Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The generous dose of laughs provided by the film is bound to entertain everyone who watches. Be it the hilarious one liners from Shiva, or the trademark end phrase “Kandippa” from the cop, or the antics of the mute Ramdoss – there is a plenty of riotous moments in the movie which oscillates between comedy and spoof, but never enters the boring zone for even one moment.
  • The debutant director Manikandan has balanced his act quite well by doing a great job on the characterizations – making Shiva talk a lot and play to his strengths, making Ramdoss character a mute and loading him with antics despite being loved for his voice modulations in Mundasupatti, deglamourizing Oviya’s character despite being a call girl being some of the noteworthy mentions.
  • The movie features two couples and having practically full freedom to picturise romantic songs on them, a smart decision made to avoid them has made the screenplay tauter and more credible. Just one noticeable song in each half is included. Though there aren’t quite many twists, the movie keeps rolling at a decent pace. The premise of romance between the con and the call girl based on one of Sujata’s novels has been well utilized to construct the movie around it.

What’s Not

  • Ashok Selvan’s rural youth character is not given as much space as Shiva and rightly so as his visible efforts to speak the local dialect does not help him much with his acting which is still a touch too upmarket. His pairing with Sruthi Ramakrishnan doesn’t quite help with the humour as well and turns out a little damp.
  • The customary climax fight did not make any impact and just delayed the ending to be blunt as the spoofy boss fight between the villains was not so very funny to make it worthy to be featured in the climax.



Verdict Stamp

144 is an extremely funny movie to sink yourselves in for a couple of hours and laugh your heart out. Though the 'Soothu Kavvum meets Mundasupatti' seems an exaggeration, it has the right content to garner good support from all quarters as a laugh riot that no 144 curfew can control – a clean family entertainer!