Who We Are?

We, at PipingHotViews, are a small bunch of film-enthusiasts and we come with the aim of providing you with a minimalist movie review website. We don’t believe numbers can tell the complete story when it comes to reviewing and assessing films. Contrary to the popular practice of reviewing movies based on numbers, we focus on highlighting the prominent features of the movie, both on the positive and negative fronts.

What We Do?

We serve reviews of movies, both local & international, among other things, Piping Hot! We dissect films and provide you with What’s Hot & What’s Not in them in an easy-to-read bulleted list ! For each film that is reviewed, we also provide a single sentence verdict framed in a way to help you decide an answer to the obvious 5 choices:a) Spend 120 bucks; b) Spend 70-80 bucks; c) Wait for the torrent to download; d) Wait for the TV premiere; e) Forget the film & save yourself some time!

Review websites have conditioned people to scroll down any review and check to find the number of stars the film has been awarded! Here at PipingHotViews, we will help you unlearn that with what we offer as the alternatives: A succinctly-worded ‘Verdict Stamp’ & Badges in an effort to recognize the best technical aspects of the film that usually get lost in the stars/numbers that contemporary review websites offer.We also offer Perspectives on diverse topics encompassed by the gigantic canvas that Cinema is!


Shown by the side are the list of badges that we offer presently while reviewing the movies.

Direction Acting Story Cinematography Music Art Direction Choreography Costume Stunt Vfx Vfx Vfx Vfx Vfx

Why We Do?

Kavingyar Vaalee, through Shankar’s Boys & Rahman’s music, said “Maathi Yose, That’s what we say”. American Jazz singer Miles Davis seems to concur when he says “Don’t play what’s there; Play what’s not there”. We aim at putting that to practice. We don’t want to give run-of-the-mill stuff you can find anytime, anywhere! We want you to enjoy, and savor the exciting stuff we dish out, the way we enjoy, when we create them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Piping Hot Review team based out of ?2013-10-29T22:25:20+05:30

We are primarily based out of Chennai, India.

Are there any plans to review music albums ?2013-10-29T22:25:43+05:30

We have plans to add reviews of music albums in the near future.

How are the badges arrived at for a movie ?2018-05-26T19:26:11+05:30

We follow a system where we rate whether the movie has done a good job in departments for which we have individual badges. We then highlight the top rated ones using our badges in the respective reviews. We look to provide 3 badges per film but there could be cases where we offer 2,1 or even NO badges at all.

Do you have any have spoilers in your reviews ?2013-10-29T22:21:16+05:30

We make a sincere effort to refrain from revealing the detailed plot or any key elements of the movie in our reviews. We keep this rule in check when we frame the ‘plot’ section of our reviews. Do let us know at feedback@pipinghotviews.com in case you feel otherwise, in any specific case.

How to find out whether a specific movie is reviewed by us? Why I am not seeing reviews of all movies released recently? How often new content is added?2013-10-29T22:24:20+05:30

Our simple answer to the first part question is this:  We don’t plagiarize. If none of our members have watched a film, our site won’t carry its review.

Here is the answer to the combination of the second & third parts of this question:

Tamil Movies

We try our best to review all the Tamil films that are released over a weekend before the start of the next week. However we cannot guarantee that we can review every single Tamil film that is released because there are so many films of less prominence that release every week & we might decide some aren’t worthy enough to watch based on the what we see from trailers. However, if we were to be proved wrong, we wouldn’t hesitate to watch them and get the review by the next week.

Hindi Movies

We also try to review any prominent Hindi film within a week of its release. But this can also not be guaranteed because of the lack of screens for Hindi movies in Chennai.

English & World Cinema

We consider this section to be our USP and give it the importance it deserves. We add content for English & World Cinema as and when any of our members watch a film; be it in a theatre or on their laptops. However we do not miss out on the prominent movies that release in India and review such movies promptly.