Murugan is the go-to man for MLA ‘Jacket’ Janakiraman who is in the good books of the minister of state. Murugan falls in love with an aspiring cop, Archana and tries to make her a cop using his rapport with Jacket. The minister on his deathbed, confides with Jacket where he has stashed billions of cash but an irked relative leads him into an accident that wipes out his memory. Murugan and Jacket’s attempts wriggle out of the situation is what the rest of the movie has in store.
Running Time:
138 min
Release date:
02 June 2016
Directed by:
Ezhil S
Produced by:
Vishnu Vishal
Rajan Natraj
Ezhil S
Written by:
Ezhil S
Vishnu Vishal
Nikki Galrani
Nikesh Ram
Aadukalam Naren
Ravi Mariya
Robo Shankar
Music by:
C Sathya
Shot by:
Editing by:
Ananda Lingakumar
Distributed by:
Fox Star Studios

What’s Hot

  • For Soori who shot to fame with his instinctive performance on debut as a rural comedian, this movie will be another landmark in his surging career. The tagline “Pushpa purushan” is bound to stick around with him for a while, thanks to the unexpected way it has been infused in each and every instance of his presence throughout the movie!
  • If Maari was the film which opened up avenues of opportunity for ‘Robo’ Shankar, this is probably ‘the’ film where he gets to showcase his talent being the central character around whom a web of humour is built. Though his antics don’t match a 10 year-old in any way, the way he carries it off and follows it up with the rib-tickling repeat dialogue sequence, steals the show!
  • Nikki Galrani has improved her menacing looks she tried in Darling and put it to good effect to portray her character of a cop with a strong aversion for corruption and fraud. Her glamorous looks add pep to the otherwise passable songs and some of her stunts are really well done due to her committed approach.

What’s Not

  • Barring the pleasant ‘Kutheeti…” and a passable “Papparamittai…” the rest of the songs are as poor as the overall placement of the songs which if done better could have been a saving grace for a floundering storyline.
  • Though Vishnu Vishal puts in an earnest effort, he is unable to gain that control over screen time and ends up looking a second fiddle for the comedians. Poor chemistry with his partner Nikki Galrani adds to his woes as he struggles to get command.
  • Since we knew from the outset that there is no credible story line at the core, we don’t even want to call that out, but the inexplicable build up to the climax surely warrants a few stings. ‘Motta’ Rajendran and his platoon of ghosts are undesirably pulled into the mix and a remorseless dance number ensues before the customary chaotic climax fight – but why!




Verdict Stamp

The hilarious comedy that is strewn all over the movie is powerful enough to make the audience to forget the average execution of a timeworn and incredibly thin story line, while they are busy laughing their lungs out – a proven modus operandi that is bound to succeed!