A struggling filmmaker Chandran, gets a Producer for his film. The producer who runs a Fishing export business by the shores of North Madras has one condition though – the film should star his daughter Maha as the female lead. Her gorgeous looks convince Chandran & his team initially to proceed with scripting. But only later do they realize their folly.
Running Time:
144 min
Release date:
27 November 2015
Directed by:
Radha Mohan
Produced by:
Ramjee Narasiman
Written by:
Radha Mohan
Narayan Lucky
Sathish Krishnan
Elango Kumaravel
M. S. Bhaskar
Rachitha Rachu
Music by:
Steeve Vatz
Shot by:
Mahesh Muthuswami
Editing by:
T. S. Jay
Distributed by:
Auraa Cinemas

What’s Hot

  • For a change the film is entirely dominated by a protagonist and not a Hero. One more salient feature is that the male & female leads, Karunakaran & Nanditha Swetha are not lovers or enemies. They are just part of the story. Now if that isn’t a rarity then what is! Radha Mohan’s subtle yet apt differentiation between the filmy & non-filmy worlds is one to savor too.
  • It is refreshing to see the generally stoic-faced Karunakaran being open a role like this devoid of heroism. He is able to bring out the angst of a man who is struggling to realize his dream. Similarly, Nandita shows her mettle by ably jumping between the caricature-level acting in real life & measured acting on reel.
  • If there is an award for Second Hero (not just a Supporting Actor) my vote will go for two marvelous performers from this film: Chaams & ‘Doubt’ Senthil. They bring the roof down with their antics without ever resorting to TASMAC-based jokes or double entendres. While Chaams’ modulation is pretty well known, the ability of ‘Doubt’ Senthil sweeps us well & truly off our feet.
  • The other supporting actors such as MS Bhaskar as the poetic master, Mayilsamy as the simpleton Manager, Kumaravel as the rugged & realistic rowdy, and ‘Daddy’ Saravanan as the uber-cool Swamiji have well-written parts and have excelled in their respective roles.
  • The dialogues laced with Thirukkural from Chaams, the tiny bits of poetry from M S Bhaskar, the hilarious English mistakes from Senthil, and the ever-singing Malayalee are all very well-conceived ideas and work perfectly in line with the overall story never sticking out from the core.

What’s Not

  • Radha Mohan’s fascination for the world of Cinema is admirable. However, he is almost becoming addicted to it & transforming into a Meta-Lover of sorts with many of his films either being about films or filmmakers. Hope he comes out of that. There is also a tinge of over-acting in the emotional sequences! However thankfully it is not to the caricature level of a Siruthai or a Kanchana 2.



Verdict Stamp

Uppu Karuvadu works primarily as it has the audacity to cast actors in unconventional roles putting them in unusual situations & letting them mouth dialogues that seem natural. All this set in the midst of a premise-conflict-resolution template means fun film overall!