When an honest cop, Vijay Kumar’s family is ruthlessly slaughtered by a politician and his aides, he decides to change his identity and commits his life to bring his daughter up in a serene atmosphere. But some freak events end up compromising his identity and what he does to save his daughter and avenge the death of his family unfurls as Theri.
Running Time:
158 min
Release date:
14 April 2016
Directed by:
Produced by:
Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Written by:
Amy Jackson
Baby Nainika
Raadhika Sarathkumar
Music by:
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Shot by:
George C. Williams
Editing by:
Anthony L. Ruben

What’s Hot

  • Vijay as always sizzles on screen. He does what he does best – acts with passion, delivers dialogues with his usual charm, emotes, sings – in short shoulders the hopes of the entire movie. His scenes as a father are testimony to his maturity as an actor while those with the leading lady bring out his youthful charisma.
  • Nainika as Vijay’s daughter steals the show. Her crisp dialogue deliveries and the innocent tone seem to have gelled really well with the character and is bound to be a crowd favorite. This sweet kid is here to stay just like how her mother, yesteryear heartthrob Meena, made waves as a child artist.
  • Mottai Rajendran gets a complete makeover as an actor. His role as a loyal sidekick to the protagonist will stay etched in minds of the fans. Samantha gets a meaty role to showcase her acting skills with sheer emotions while looking her gorgeous best. The scenes featuring Samantha and Radhika as the cool and expressive mom deserves an applause.
  • GV Prakash packs a punch with his BGMs and ‘Yen Jeevan’ stands out among all the numbers. With no over the top portrayal, Dilip Subbarayan’s stunt sequences are ones to be watched out for.
  • Atlee does a fine job adroitly balancing the expectations of Vijay’s fans and simultaneously delivering a product that has elements to appeal to all classes of movie-goers. Some of his dialogues like the ones between Samantha & Radhika and the ones between Vijay and his father-in-law, deserve special mention.

What’s Not

  • A clichéd story line and predictable sequences don’t make for an interesting watch. To make things worse for an already disinterested mind, many scenes easily draw a comparison to some yesteryear hits which is not everyone would like to pay to see.
  • A star-studded line-up always throws up some glitches, especially ones featuring two leading ladies. As for this movie, the perennial question does popup of whether the script really demanded two of them as one is left to wonder if Amy Jackson could have been better used.
  • Even though Mahendran comes across as a cool and calm-faced villain, never does he make his presence felt to a palpable extent to be seen as a real challenge to the hero cop. His role could have been better etched to add some mystery to the otherwise predictable outcome.




Verdict Stamp

Theri attempts to make a point that a clichéd story that has been beaten to death in Tamil cinema, when infused with a big star cast and the right budget can still be made palatable. Despite being predictable from start to finish, the movie has its share of intense moments smartly laced to make it worthwhile!