Saivam (Tamil, 2014)

The respected Kathiresan has a big family that is spread far & wide from his village. After 3 years his entire family congregates for the village function at his home. At this juncture, when a minor untoward incident happens, Kathiresan’s wife remembers an unfulfilled sacrifice of her granddaughter Tamizh’s pet rooster, ‘Papa’ to the local deity. The family being superstitious thinks all their recent bad luck is due to this and all decide to perform the sacrifice. But things get messy when the rooster disappears.
Running Time:
122 min
Release date:
27 June 2014
Directed by:
A. L. Vijay
Produced by:
A. L. Alagappan
Written by:
A. L. Vijay
Sara Arjun
Twara Desai
Music by:
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Shot by:
Nirav Shah
Editing by:
Distributed by:
Red Giant Movies

What’s Hot

  • Most of Director Vijay’s works have either been remakes or have had inspired sequences from other films. Keeping that in mind, it is amazing to see an authentic and honestly-made family drama from him & that too, with a huge contingent of relatively unknown actors who have performed wonderfully. The best part is that the film never gets preachy and conveys all the messages with subtlety in spite of having some clichéd predictable sequences.
  • The stars of the film are certainly Nasser & the little Sara. While it is not new for us to see Nasser effortlessly step into the shoes of his character (aided by top class make-up from Pattanam Rasheed), Sara is a revelation as Tamizh. The role demanded multiple close-up shots and she has delivered with brilliant expressions each & every time.
  • The teenage love track between Luthfudeen Baasha & Twara Desai has been scripted & shot well. Both the new comers display excellent chemistry and have performed admirably. The huge supporting cast also adds value to the script with the dialogue deliveries of George & Malathi catching our attention.
  • All of Vijay’s films are visually brilliant which is made possible by his frequent collaborator, Nirav Shah. His framing of the magnificent houses of Karaikudi, interesting camera angles and sense of lighting in the interior sequences are top-notch. He is well aided by Ramana who has handled the art direction & Pallavi Singh who has impressed with the costumes.
  • It has been quoted that G.V.Prakash did this film without charging a penny which shows his belief in Vijay’s script. He has given hummable songs and an exciting background score which helps the film’s pacing. Particularly, the guitar bit for the love track is very catchy.

What’s Not

  • Although the film is just about 2 hours long, the long sequence with the betel leaf astrologer, essayed by Shanmugarajan (of Virumaandi fame) tests the patience of the audience even though the actor who played his sidekick was a riot on screen.



Verdict Stamp

A family-drama, which although ridden with some clichés, is nevertheless heart-warming due to the inherent family values it portrays & subtle ideologies conveyed through well-written dialogues.

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