Adithya is a handsome, happy-go-lucky and flirtatious young guy while Taara is a bubbly, charismatic and gorgeous girl who doesn’t believe in marriage. What’s in store when these two polarizing characters get acquainted to each other? – Where this unexpected partnership leads their lives to? – How it influences their opinions on relationships? – The answers to these questions is what the rest of O K Kanmani is all about
Running Time:
139 min
Release date:
17 April 2015
Directed by:
Mani Ratnam
Produced by:
Mani Ratnam
Written by:
Mani Ratnam
Dulquer Salmaan
Nithya Menon
Prakash Raj
Leela Samson
Prabhu Lakshman
Ramya Subramaniam
Music by:
A. R. Rahman
Shot by:
P. C. Sreeram
Editing by:
A. Sreekar Prasad
Distributed by:
Studio Green

What’s Hot

  • Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon are undeniably the soul of the movie. This charismatic pair isn’t just adorable but also complements each other with their acting skills. Throughout the movie one never gets the impression that the pair has acted on-screen – they just seem to have redefined romance in Manirathnam’s own way. Although his acting skills have been proven in all his Malayalam movies, Dulquer couldn’t have chosen a better movie to cement his place in Tamil. Just don’t be surprised if he lines up as most sought after ‘romantic heroes’ of this decade.
  • Nithya Menon stuns everyone with her performance and her dialogue delivery is as perfect as it gets. Just when you start thinking that she can deliver her dialogues with such expertise, she does win over the audience with her facial expressions too – be it the emotional scenes with Prakash Raj or the romantic scenes with Dulqer, she just takes the screen by storm.
  • After the debacle that Kadal was, one would have definitely wondered what the Master Director would have up his sleeve. But Manirathanam doesn’t disappoint his fans and has painted a masterpiece. If Alaipayuthey ruled the past decade, there is no doubt OK Kanmani is gonna do the same to this decade. Manirathnam’s touch is evident in his naturally-lit scenes, usage of public transport as a means to develop romance, motorcycle drives, stylish headphones, romance-oozing portrayal of songs and above all a run-in with the modern technology. The hospital sequence and the climax sequence are not to be missed.
  • Prakash Raj proves his versatility yet again. As an aging husband who takes care of his ill wife, he yet again wins the hearts of the audience with his acting. His expressions while consoling his wife and watching all of Nithya Menon’s friends help them set up the room deserve a special mention.
  • Leela Samson is the real surprise package in this movie. Even though her Bharatanatyam skills have never been in question, she just seems to be the real find of this movie. Ma’m where were you hiding your acting skills all these years?
  • Crisp, thoughtful, romantic and adeptly flirtatious dialogues not only evoke a smile every other scene but also keeps the story progressing along at a really decent pace
  • If the lead pair is the soul of the film, A.R.Rahman breathes life into this flick with his soul-stirring BGMs and catchy numbers. Do watch for that one BGM that repeats through the movie. Could well become the next hottest ringtone in the market!!

What’s Not

  • Paranthu Sella Vaa song seems to be completely misplaced and tests the patience of the audience in an otherwise fairly paced movie.
  • Comparisons to Alaipayuthey cannot be completely thrown out of the window – be it the impact of the trains scenes, the government buses, driving in the beach tides, romantically shot songs within four walls – all these seem to remind one, of Manirathnam’s masterpiece from the last decade.



Verdict Stamp

These days it is pretty easy for any movie with a usual plot to be branded as ‘New wine in an old bottle’. But OK Kanmani for many reasons doesn’t fall into that category. When the lead pair takes the screen by storm and you have some real heavyweights wielding the camera and the microphone, you can bet your money on the entertainment that you are bound to receive. Add the heart-warming BGMs and renditions to the mix, romance just went up a notch!!