A petty conman deft at scheming & stealing has a near-death experience in an accident when one of his con-operations goes bust. Post that, he starts seeing ghosts & finds his partner in crime too had died in the accident and is now a ghostly friend. Given his astute conning sense, he schemes a way to loot his way through the ghosts, calling himself an exorcist. When he finds a ghost that looks like him and traps him into doing what its spirit had wished to do, trouble looms. The connection between him & it are the remaining pieces in this jigsaw.
Running Time:
153 min
Release date:
29 May 2015
Directed by:
Venkat Prabhu
Produced by:
K. E. Gnanavel Raja
Written by:
Venkat Prabhu
Madhan Karky
Premgi Amaren
Music by:
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Shot by:
R. D. Rajasekhar
Editing by:
Praveen K. L.
Distributed by:
Studio Green
Eros International

What’s Hot

  • Breaking conventions and stories in fresh ways has now become an identity for Venkat Prabhu and he honestly rides that path in this film too. At many instances in the film, you don’t know where things are headed. Credits to him for thinking and executing the Mr. Brooks like spooky premise with an interesting presentation of the way the knot gets untied.
  • Suriya, as Masssu, is ebullient and provides marked moments of entertainment. His diction and dressing reminds one of his role from 7 Aum Arivu. The ghosts in Premgi & Co provide ample support in the gala that they put up with their con-acts. Parthiepan makes his limited presence felt with his characteristic one-liners.
  • Even though Yuvan’s songs don’t make a big mark, they don’t stick out as well. ‘Piravi’ brings some emotional quotient which the film lacks otherwise & ‘Poochandi’ sets the stage for the eerie minutes that follow. The background score (the two themes & a flurry of small bits) are noteworthy.
  • Graphics & VX work can’t be termed extraordinary but credits to the team for sticking to the basics right and in being able to put up a convincing show not getting drowned in the scope offered to it.
  • Editor Praveen’s has had a lot to handle in Masssu as there are a number of branches to the main story & he has done a fair job in getting a number of them sorted with the help of some songs. Rajasekhar’s camera gets highlighted when it takes us through the streets well in the chase-fight.

What’s Not

  • Suriya’s role as Shakti doesn’t offer the needed emotional impact & it seemed like his bit of the story was held secret for a little too long. His struggle with the Ceylone dialect is quite evident and is a glaring distraction
  • The two heroines & the villains (too much in number have literally nothing to offer. It is a surprise that Nayanthara chose a role that doesn’t even have a duet, forget scope for performance!
  • The evident twist has become so characteristic with Venkat Prabhu films that they no longer are a surprise. The lady accident victim’s twist is an example. There were also too many unwanted scenes and characters (Jayaprakash, Arvind etc) showing his limitations as a writer & his stubbornness in having a few artistes in his films irrespective of whether they were needed or not.



Verdict Stamp

While the start was heartening to see, with an established director charting up an unusual script for a commercial star & the star going all out with it, we get uncomfortably overloaded towards the end as film sags and leaves little impact because of it trying to handle too many things at a time – much like an aerated soft drink.