Sundaram is a loyal employee and friend of Ekambaram who runs a timber depot as a facade for other illegal businesses like idol smuggling. Ekambaram stuffs the idol in a bag and entrusts Sundaram with the job of selling the idol worth a few crore rupees through a middle man in Chennai. When Sundaram’s son Kathir working as a call driver in Chennai gets hold of the bag by coincidence, unforeseen circumstances are unveiled as it all turns into a wild goose chase within a matter of hours!

Running Time:
106 min
Release date:
01 September 2017
Directed by:
Nithilan Swaminathan
Produced by:
Shreyasree Movies LLP
Written by:
Nithilan Swaminathan
Madonne Ashwin
Delna Davis
P. L. Thenappan
Elango Kumaravel
Ganja Karuppu
Bala Singh
Music by:
Ajaneesh Loknath
Shot by:
N. S. Udhayakumar
Editing by:
Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Distributed by:
AGR Entertainement

What’s Hot

  • The no-nonsense approach from the debutant director Nithilan to maintain utmost focus on the moments that matter the most, deserves all the credit – especially the Bharathiraja monologue and the subsequent sequence that exudes high quality writing.

  • The director does due diligence to maintain the air of gloom and suspense in what is basically a sad story rather than indulging in distractions as done in scores of other movies – making the movie one of a rare kind that unflinchingly delivers a raw message. Hyperlinking narratives from the point of views Kathir and Ekambaram give a breath of fresh air to the presentation as well.

  • Each character in the movie has defined roles and sketched to finest details possible. Even the standard heist prop, the bag with the valuables has its own point of view – so important that it fittingly claims a place in the title of the movie. Elango Kumaravel breaks the gentleman’s image created by his previous movies and revels in this negative role.

  • Kathir and his weird acquaintance with a petty thief Sindhanai, needed a measured performance and Vidharth does just that after having rocked his previous roles this year to similar measure. Talk of moving hearts, Bharathiraja still manages to do that as Kathir’s father and the way he delivered his monologue before the end is one that will remain etched in memory

What’s Not

  • A lot of loose ends in the narrative are left untied by the time the movie ends. The real purpose of the homeless couple who missed their child tied to the back of a truck and the intentions of Elango’s accomplice who remains on the edge throughout, are a few instances.

  • Too many critical junctures in the movie are left to the mercy of lucky coincidences like Kathir getting the bag and phone of his father, which could have benefitted from more attention.




Verdict Stamp

Intelligent characterizations and a smart narrative elevate this presentation that involves performances of the highest quality as well. Despite minor pitfalls due to a little too much of inexplicable coincidences, Kurangu Bommai is a viewer’s delight for its sheer ability to keep the audience emotionally involved and engrossed in suspense till the very end!