A budding journalist passionate about ethical, noble, hard-hitting journalism understands the more flourishing ghetto of sensationalism & news fabrication that the Entertainment TV Channel he belongs to, thrives on. When caught in a dilemma of whether to hold for a while or rise in protest, a situation forces him to make a decision that puts him out of work but… there begins his work.
Running Time:
159 min
Release date:
31 March 2017
Directed by:
KV Anand
Produced by:
Kalpathi S Aghoram
Kalpathi S Ganesh
Kalpathi S Suresh
Written by:
KV Anand
Vijay Sethupathi
Madonna Sebastian
T Rajendar
Jagan Purushottam
Pandiarajan Rathnam
Music by:
Hiphop Tamizha Adhi
Shot by:
Abinandhan Ramanujam
Editing by:
Anthony Gonsalves
Distributed by:

What’s Hot

  • A number of social topics have been covered in films before & what happens behind the closet in news/media industry is a subject that has been sensitively handled thus far. KV Anand, in Kavan goes all aggressive in his attack of the lack of ethics in the industry(so much that he has to victimize himself at one point to come out unscathed).
  • Vijay Sethupathi does all it takes to hold things together with the role he essays. While doing so, he meanders and gets a feel of the ‘mass’ hero territory – unchartered waters for him – and doesn’t get drowned.
  • In the cast that supports him, while others have nothing much to do, T Rajendar makes his presence felt. Even though his role of a mentor could have been made better, he presents a lively show during certain heated exchanges in the film.
  • The film’s set up of a glossy Entertainment channel office & its sets are captured vividly in Abinandhan’s camera-work. Anthony’s editing is another saviour if the film has a less damaging effect on the viewer.

What’s Not

  • The film is one that pretends to send across a number of strong social messages – on media, politics, casteism, corporate guile etc. but nothing comes across as it just ‘pretends’. The screenplay lacks any conviction. It lets things fall in place conveniently – a strong sign of lazy writing.
  • One wishes that Hip Hop Thamizha (Music director) gets better with his work or doesn’t get films to work on at all. His music in the film (songs & background score) is unbearable and that is a sad thing as the industry (sample even KV Anand’s earlier works) is known for its quality music output in big mainstream films.
  • Vikranth is wasted in a role that could have been offered a generous extended if some crude irrelevant and shoddy scenes were avoided but hey, who’s listening!


Art Direction


Verdict Stamp

The problem with Kavan is not in the horde of social issues it tries to bring to the limelight. The manner in which the film is presented makes the try look pretentious just like the media it portrays. Even Vijay Sethupathi’s presence doesn’t save this one from sinking.