The invincible film music composer, Vetrichelvan is displaced from his top position by his erstwhile assistant, Shiva. While Shiva’s refreshing music wins him offers & plaudits left, right & center, and even a charming young wife, Vetrichelvan is forced to stay indoors and ruminate on his long-forgotten heydays. Jealously engulfs him and he plots the downfall of Shiva.
Running Time:
190 min
Release date:
30 January 2015
Directed by:
S. J. Surya
Produced by:
S. Subbiah
Victor Raj Pandian
Written by:
S. J. Surya
S. J. Surya
Sulagna Panigrahi
Gibran Osman
Thambi Ramaiah
Ganja Karuppu
M. S. Bhaskar
Music by:
S. J. Surya
Shot by:
Editing by:
K. M. Riyas
Distributed by:
ASA Multimedias

What’s Hot

  • Sathayraj as Vetrichelvan is actually the heart-and-soul of the film, in spite of being the ultimate villain. His unique way of delivering every dialogue peppered with rage, littered with sarcasm, & oozing charisma make us sit up whenever he comes on screen.
  • S.J.Suryah as Shivan does have limitations as an actor but his writing has always been top-notch. He seems timid whenever he encounters Sathyaraj but is very good when he acts out his confusion. His treatment of the serious scenes make us stay glued to the well-written dialogues. It is also fabulous to see traces of form he showed in Vaali/Kushi/New again as he delights with his twisty script. While his songs and background score do not excite much, they do seem adequate.
  • The heroine, Savitri a debutant to Tamizh cinema does a wonderful job in acting out a range of emotions from love to innocence to concern to hatred. Ganja Karuppu as the servant of Sathyaraj gives a lovable performance with his fantastic timing making the audience delirious on many occasions.
  • Soundararajan’s camerawork exudes brilliance with his inventive camera angles throughout & also when he shows his capability by capturing the lush forest outdoor as well as the sophisticated indoors with equal ease. The Production design & VFX team too deserve a pat on the back for their terrific work in the film, making every frame seem natural & rich.
  • There may be a spate of negative reactions to the outrageousness of the climax. But S.J.Surya certainly needs to be praised for having the guts to go ahead and stick with his plan. He has our whole-hearted support for being this daring & inventive.

What’s Not

  • S.J.Suryah favoritism for double entendres is well known and even though he seems to have mellowed down with the content in this film, the amount of time spent of such scenes does test the patience. Even other than that there is quite a bit of flab throughout the film which takes the running time to greater than 180 minutes. Wish the editor, Riyas had been more forceful with his cuts to reduce the running time.
  • It would have also been better, had he given the responsibility of music & acting to someone else instead of taking them all on his shoulders. It would have surely helped him sharpen this script more and deliver an even better product.



Verdict Stamp

S.J.Suryah’s Isai is a long yet daringly inventive film that deserves a watch for its tryst to be out-of-the-box. Had the unnecessary flab in the love-track been trimmed it would have been celebrated even more.