Prithvi’s life is scarred by a bike accident where he loses his dad, Narayanan. Blaming himself for the accident he slows himself down on the roads, following all the traffic rules, as well as in his life, going into a shell. He gets a new lease of life when the stunning Samyuktha comes into his life and makes him get a Ducati. But that very bike brings danger to Prithvi due to a shocking past.
Running Time:
126 min
Release date:
29 August 2014
Directed by:
Yuvaraj Bose
Produced by:
Kalpathi S.Aghoram
Kalpathi S.Ganesh
Kalpathi S.Suresh
Written by:
Yuvaraj Bose
Priya Anand
Johnny Tri Nguyen
Raai Laxmi
Alisha Abdullah
Music by:
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Shot by:
R. B. Gurudev
Gopi Amarnath
Editing by:
T. S. Suresh
Distributed by:
AGS Entertainment

What’s Hot

  • Being an action film centered on bikes, the stunts department (comprising Kanal Kannan, William Ong, Michael) , has worked overtime in designing some brilliant stunt sequences between the protagonist, Prithvi (Atharva) and the antagonist Don (Johnny Tri Nguyen). The stunts also look realistic due to the near-perfect sculpted bodies of both.
  • The film has a very short run time of 126 minutes which is a great trend for Tamizh cinema. Kudos to the editor, Suresh for this. Specifically, the sequence showing the death of Don’s brother has been shot well by Gurudev & also edited innovatively.

What’s Not

  • Writer-director Yuvaraj Bose’s immaturity shows up in how a promising one-liner, interesting setting & able start-cast are wasted in a poorly developed script. Certain plot-lines like why the heroine refuses to accept the hero’s love & the hero’s grandmother are left totally without any sort of elaboration.
  • How Atharvaa & Priya Anand accepted to star in this film is unfathomable given their decent choices in previous outings. Other than some nice lines spoken by Devadharshini as Prithvi’s mom, none of the other actors stay in mind. It is incredulous to see such a huge star cast accepted to star in this film with umpteen loose ends.
  • The songs have also been placed in a haphazard fashion inducing the audience and they break the flow of this already short film. Better color correction & matching would have gone some way into convincing the audience that the action happens within India, but it is not so in the film where the location of filming is very evident.



Verdict Stamp

With a good one-liner & interesting setting, Irumbu Kuthirai could have become a trend-setting action flick but the lack of a cohesive & engaging script prevents it from becoming so and it ends sadly on a whimper.