The story revolves around four boys working as coolies in Koyambedu market with no particular identity for themselves. Though they live in harmony with their job while having a fair share of fun and flirting with girls, they realize the need to make it big to lead a better life. With the goodwill of Aachi, their godmother and the help of market leader Nayudu(a) NKB, they set up a restaurant which gets them the identity they craved for. Unexpected turn of events push the boys the brink of failure and their fight to regain their identity forms the crux of the story.
Running Time:
145 mins
Release Date:
24 January 2014
Directed by:
Vijay Milton
Produced by:
Bharath Seeni
Written by:
Vijay Milton (Story)
Pandiraj (Dialogues)
Sree Raam
Imman Annachi
Music by:
S. N. Arunagiri
A. Seelin (BGM)
Shot by:
Vijay Milton
Edited by:
Distributed by:
Thirrupathi Brothers
N. Lingusamy
N. Subash Chandrabose

What’s Hot

  • The premise of the movie is unique as the lives of young coolies at the market is not a subject dealt with so often. Vijay Milton handles it to good effect and avoids a stereotype treatment which results in an engaging experience from a subject that is suited for documentaries.
  • Sree Ram, Kishore, Pandi and Murugesh play their parts as orphaned adolescents to perfection. They showcase playful and aggressive sides that each one of us can relate to. Sujatha has shown that she can excel in a character that doesn’t required dramatic acting.
  • The confrontations are choreographed to suit the physical capabilities of young boys which give an air of sympathy and reality to the scenes. Madhusudhan essays the role of a cunning market monopolist with stunning conviction, to maintain the balance between fear and respect within the market community.
  • Imman Annachi adds a good dose of comedy to the proceedings with his reactions and dialogues. The lead actors bond well as friends and the inherent humor in their relationship pulls up quite a few memorable moments for the audience.
  • The camerawork by Vijay Milton himself is crisp and adds a new dimension to the action on screen. The transition between shots and the orchestration of scenes are effective and complement the pacy screenplay.

What’s Not

  • The air of reality that is created with the selection of the story and cast, loses sheen with injection of improbable cinematic sequences to elevate the characters and their capabilities.
  • The inclusion of a song among other shots involving ‘Powerstar’ and Sam Anderson, to leverage cheap comedy by degrading their personalities is unnecessary and inexplicable.
  • The climax, which seemed to be a wee bit hurried, deserved a better treatment in cognizance of the fact that it is the most powerful weapon that justifies the events portrayed until then.



Verdict Stamp

With the perfect mix of a solid script and able acting, this Goli Soda emanates an energetic experience for everyone to enjoy!