• Uriyadi Movie Review PipingHotViews
  • Uriyadi Movie Review PipingHotViews
  • Uriyadi Movie Review PipingHotViews

Uriyadi (Tamil, 2016)

4 youngsters are on the verge of completing their engineering studies in a village where harmony between members of two castes is in a strained state. When their carefree and bold attitude embroils them in a web of nasty politics from local caste leaders, they are left to fend for themselves among head hunters looking to eliminate them – the means and outcomes of which is detailed by the rest of the story.
Running Time:
126 min
Release date:
27 May 2016
Directed by:
Vijay Kumar
Produced by:
Sameer Bharat Ram
Vijay Kumar
Nalan Kumarasamy
Satheesh Swaminathan
Written by:
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar
Mime Gopi
Henna Bella
Siva Perumal
Citizen Sivakumar
Music by:
Anthony Dasan
Masala Coffee
Vijay Kumar
Shot by:
Paul Livingstone
Editing by:
Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Distributed by:
Ashok Manor Entertainment

What’s Hot

  • Vijay Kumar fits the groove of a film maker perfectly and proves that a first film is no reason to dismiss his talent. His choice of not shying away from the hard reality and violence coupled with a no-compromise attitude reflects in the natural content presented on screen, which feels believable and realistic – special mention to the two distinct action scenes which are so palpable unlike choreographed stunts.
  • Providing just the right amount of exposure to events, the screenplay is conceived in a mature manner that can challenge even the most intellectual minds to interpret it in a way they wish to. Kudos to the intent of wanting to trust the intelligence of the audience to convey key moments.
  • The editing towards the climax is of particular significance to lend the screenplay the desired effect of encryption with flashes of scenes at the right places. This has helped to trim down the run time to about 100 minutes to allow the film to engage the viewers in a better way.
  • With no demarcated role of protagonist or antagonist, the movie relies heavily on each character to do its bit – precisely when the first timers playing the college students and those pulling them into trouble at the behest of Citizen Sivakumar and Mime Gopi, put in earnest efforts to carry the movie forward.

What’s Not

  • Though the general outlook of the various incidents in the movie seem natural and reactive to situations, some of them are so well handled by novices which looks slightly fabricated and could have been treated better by taking into consideration of all such factors we felt.




Verdict Stamp

‘Uriyadi’ is a one-of-a-kind hard hitting and gutsy movie aimed at creating a thriller that builds equal portions of intrigue and suspense with some clear thoughts going into the making - a veracious attempt that respects the intelligence of the audience!

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