Kalidasan, a bachelor in his 40’s is an archaeologist working on an excavation site in the outskirts of Chennai. Gowri in her 30’s is also single and works as a dubbing artist. Both of them have searched in vain to find a soul mate, but destiny unites them via phone conversations due to the common trait they share – love for good food. They soon warm up to each other’s affection, but things turn awkward when they decide to meet. The battle of trust and deceit, of hope and despair, of love and hate is transformed on screen to form the rest of the story that decides the fate of their relationship.
Running Time:
122 min
Release date:
6 June 2014
Directed by:
Prakash Raj
Produced by:
Prakash Raj
K. S. Ramarao
Written by:
T. Gnanavel
Prakash Raj
Based on:
Salt N’ Pepper by
Aashiq Abu
Prakash Raj
Thambi Ramaiah
Samyuktha Hornad
Music by:
Shot by:
Editing by:
Kishore Te.
Distributed by:
Duet Movies

What’s Hot

  • The story is given good importance and an interesting plot revolving around well made food makes for a refreshing experience. The opening song that glorifies different varieties of south Indian food sets up the movie nicely on its path.
  • Prakash Raj has no issues portraying Kalidasan on screen partly because the character matches his age in real life and greatly because of the versatile actor he is. Sneha puts up a equally good show as the moody Gowri. With Thambi Ramaiah, Elango Kumaravel and Urvashi for company, one can’t wipe the grin off the faces of the audience.
  • The visuals from Preetha are so catchy and vivid that reminds us of the master class from P. C. Sreeram. Yes, she is his niece and yes, it runs in their blood – the ability to capture visuals in great detail. The opening song is made a foodie’s delight and a duet featuring Tejus and Samyuktha Hornad are stand out presentations.
  • Ilaiyaraaja’s work with the BGM and the melancholy song towards the end is nothing short of the genius he is. The song moves you with its rich emotion and the BGMs are brilliant and naughty to suit the youthful sequences.

What’s Not

  • The screenplay throws in quite a few distractions in the form of a half baked romantic track between Tejus and Samyuktha and the episode involving rehabilitation of a tribal group, which drags the movie to a point of no return. Though the movie runs only for 2 hours, the effects are painfully visible.
  • The performances by the core supporting cast consisting of Tejus, Samyuktha is a lot below par considering the towering statures of Prakash Raj and Sneha in the mix. The belligerent start for the movie is squandered towards the end as a result.



Verdict Stamp

A good clean movie with deep emotional connects between the lead characters and enjoyable humor, but meanders towards the end which makes for an okay watch!