Hot on the heels of planting a bomb in Tirupati that killed scores of civilians, a terrorist sets his next target as a government office in Chennai. Armed with a plastic explosive triggered by a harmless mobile phone, he puts in a taxi which he plans to hire to reach his destination. Fate plays a crucial role in involving Nakul – an unemployed youth with extraordinary knowledge and expertise in science and technology and Dinesh – a real estate promoter in this deadly game, which is narrated in the rest of the story.
Running Time:
141 min
Release date:
20 February 2015
Directed by:
Ramprakash Rayappa
Produced by:
V Chandran
Written by:
Ramprakash Rayappa
Attakathi Dinesh
Bindu Madhavi
Aishwarya Dutta
MD Asif
Music by:
Shot by:
Deepak Kumar Padhy
Editing by:
VJ Sabu Joseph
Distributed by:
Red Giant Movies
VLS Rock Cinema

What’s Hot

  • Nakul as the Geek with loads of untapped potential exhibits subtle reactions to suit his role and takes enough precautions not to hurt the not-so-tech-savvy people, which is a good trait well established. On the other hand, Dinesh as a promoter with an uncanny knack with words to get his job rolling is a totally refreshing choice. He revels in the comically made romantic sequences with Bindu Madhavi who looks cute and they complement each other very well.
  • Sathish as the taxi driver faced with a unique problem of having to negotiate with a thief who has stolen his mobile phone so that he can keep in touch with his clients and his fiancée, deserves recognition as it attempts to break away from the trend of comedians restricted to being friends of the hero who gives tips on romance and mouths counter punches. The funny dialogues penned by the director needs to be attributed with for much of the success.
  • The director, Ramprakash Rayappa is quite impressive in his choice of characters to carry forward his story. Urvashi as the equally technical competent mother of Nakul is a sweet touch and a slap in the face for the educated masses that lack application skills in everyday life. The unusual romance between Dinesh and Bindu where Dinesh waits for Bindu to scold him in order to forget her and Urvashi assisting Nakul with his romance are enjoyable moments.

What’s Not

  • The movie has a great pace and engaging moments in the first half where the unrelated lives of Nakul, Dinesh and Sathish are narrated, but once the plot is established, the unthinkable happens where a couple of flashbacks are thrown in to dampen the spirits. Though they are not totally unwanted, the placement is surely concerning. The technical exploits of Nakul towards to the end are a bit too prolonged given the inevitable outcome which becomes taxing and predictable.



Verdict Stamp

Supercharged characterizations, humorous representations of Love and Life, naturally appealing acting are the three strong ropes that hold the movie well aloft despite a slight slackening of the fourth rope that disengages a bit towards the end – Definitely you have to press this number “1” to be treated with a pleasant surprise!