‘Power’ Paandi, once a legendary stunt master who ruled the world of film stunts in his prime years is now content in living a peaceful life with his son and grandchildren. But he soon realizes that his acts that he thinks is normal and righteous, constantly irks his son who seems to taking their relationship for granted. One such overblown tiff with his son drives him to go do some soul searching, the outcome of which has many unexpected experiences.
Running Time:
125 min
Release date:
14 April 2017
Directed by:
Produced by:
Written by:
Subramaniam Siva
Chaya Singh
Rinson Simon
Robo Shankar
Madonna Sebastian
Vidyullekha Raman
Music by:
Sean Roldan
Shot by:
Editing by:
Prasanna GK
Distributed by:
K Productions

What’s Hot

  • In his first outing as a director, Dhanush has made an intelligent choice of going for an emotionally involved, family oriented script. If he had already done enough to pull in people with his popularity, he has done more than enough to ensure they flock to his next by translating a simple yet powerful story that defines the fabric of love and family bonding!
  • Sean Roldan with his impressive repertoire of songs lined up for this movie, is undoubtedly the most important player in this emotionally captivating family drama. The romantic and feel-good vibes are handed down to the audience through the songs and they are made to sit-up and enjoy the stunts with electric scores underlining them!
  • Velraj, a trusted associate of the director, has simply spoken the latter’s mind through the visuals we must say! Having proven his credentials to capture both rural and urban milieus to perfection, he has a field day with the lens in hand. The terrific stunts and the song visuals shot as montages look pleasing to the eye.
  • Rajkiran‘s recently forged image of a gentle giant gains further momentum here along with a revisit of his past exploits as an intimidating one-man power house! This 68 year young man still has it in him as he simply nails the lead character of Power Paandi. He is also ably supported by Dhanush, Revathi and Prasanna in key roles that punctuate the story.

What’s Not

  • The narrative that spans the two halves of the movie seem very much disjoint and imparts a feel of watching two different movies and nothing more than a hyperlink between them– something we feel could have been avoided with a better screenplay which also lacked attention to detail at a few places and misfit casting of Madonna Sebastian in a role which she couldn’t adapt herself to do enough justice.




Verdict Stamp

Backed by concerted efforts from the technical team to offer an immersive audio-visual-emotional experience to the viewers, 'Pa Paandi' evolves ever so seamlessly into a beautifully packaged drama – a power packed movie that makes for a compelling watch with the family!