MMK, a political party enjoyed the camaraderie between two powerful leaders who eventually split the party over differences of opinion. They divide the Royapuram area between them with the enmity between the two factions’ simmering and finally bursts out when they claim stake over a ‘Wall’ that is both a strategic and emotionally significant identity to them and blood is spilt. The next generation of both party leaders continue to hold the grudge. Anbu, a party worker is also the close friend of Kaali, who is an educated and employed youth. When Anbu takes it upon him to reclaim the wall, Kaali stands by him and war breaks out. The gruesome fate that they bring upon themselves is depicted in a tense and action packed story.
Running Time:
156 min
Release date:
27 September 2014
Directed by:
Pa Ranjith
Produced by:
K E Gnanavel Raja
S R Prakash Babu
S R Prabhu
Written by:
Pa Ranjith
Karthik Sivakumar
Kalaiarasan Harikrishnan
Catherine Tresa
V. I. S. Jayapalan
Hari Krishnan
Music by:
Santhosh Narayanan
Shot by:
G Murali
Editing by:
Praveen KL
Srikanth NB
Distributed by:
Dream Factory

What’s Hot

  • Karthi as Kaali, the angry young man, is an intelligent choice from both the actor and director alike. The character demands a charming and confident style which Karthi delivers effortlessly. His reaction in the face of rejection and acceptance of his romantic feelings and while faced with conflict of interest between pure love and sincere friendship, are truly refreshing and brings out the real actor in him.
  • Kalaiarasan as Anbu is indeed the central character in the movie with Karthi playing second fiddle in most scenes of the first half. Though seen around the film circuit in minor roles, this is his first big break and he has made a fist of it with his vibrant attitude and casual acting. The other characters in Karthi and Kalaiarasan’s family also deserve mention for their neat performances to bring out a lively family atmosphere.
  • Being a story that revolves around political and personal rivalry set in North Chennai, the all important action scenes radiate some skilled stunt choreography which even combines the soccer skills of Kaali in a particular situation. Another sequence featuring both Kaali and Anbu before the interval block is worth mentioning as well.
  • The music and background score from the latest sensation – Santhosh Narayanan is instrumental in conveying the mood and ideas conceptualized by the director. The songs are pleasant and have been accommodate without any compromise for commercialism. The output on the whole brims with the native ‘Madras’ accent.
  • Pa. Ranjith’s treatment of a common story of love, rivalry and revenge stands out from the usual lot primarily because it’s devoid of the usual entrapments such as holding the kin of the protagonist as ransom. Another compelling factor is, he has made a Wall as the core of the movie and it has become one among the other actors by virtue of its own characteristics etched by the director.

What’s Not

  • The movie promises a lot in the first half and fails to maintain the buzz after the interval block with a tad too many repetitive scenes featuring the lead pair involving the indecision of the protagonist and those featuring the rival gangs where there is too much of swearing and not much of action. This dampens the pace of the screenplay to an extent.
  • The leaders of the warring factions do not sport a physically commanding look and to make things worse, they end up abandoning differences without any reasonable reconciliation. The worst aspect being the way they are easily slighted by novices and common men and resolve to their fate without any fight that we expect after the way their roles were built up from the start. This also affects the ending of the movie which seems abrupt.



Verdict Stamp

For most of us it’s just a wall – For some it’s an identity. When the fight for identity breaks out from the confinements of individual desires, there can’t be neutrals. ‘Madras’ is a uniquely presented tale of a neutral person who is forced to take a side, presented in a natural yet impactful style!