Kuraiondrumillai (Tamil, 2014)

Krishna is dissatisfied by the strategy followed in the corporate supermarket company he works in, which shows in his plummeting sales numbers. Much to the displeasure of his immediate manager, he convinces the company’s boss about diversifying the company’s presence in villages making the farmers themselves directly convert their produce into products & sell it to their company which they can sell back at lower rates due to the absence of middle men. Scouting for farmers for his proposal, he travels to his grandmother’s place in his native village where he encounters the lovely doctor, Sandhya. The rest of the film oscillates between his dream project & his relationship with Sandhya.
Running Time:
135 min
Release date:
10 October 2014
Directed by:
Karthik Ravi
Produced by:
Pathway Productions
Written by:
Karthik Ravi
Geethan Britto
Haritha Parokod
Sathiya Moorthy
Krishna Vishwanathan
Music by:
Shot by:
Ashok Kumar
Editing by:
Distributed by:
Darwin Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The director, Karthik Ravi must be commended for choosing an honest script as his first venture & not bending down to commercial compromises anywhere in the film. His views on the necessity of getting our nation’s farmers rise up are fantastic. His choice of supporting actors for the villagers is spot-on & all of them have delivered realistic performances.
  • Geethan has performed well as the perennially unpunctual & lethargic Krishna. His conviction while delivering the lines about his dream project is admirable. Haritha, who plays the role of Dr. Sandhya seems to be a brilliant find. Her emotive eyes & expressions throughout the film are thoroughly natural. She in fact steals the show from the protagonist on many occasions.
  • In spite of the background score being cheesy on more than once occasion, it is great to see that all the songs from composer, Ramanujam having a carnatic tinge to it & all are definitely hum-worthy with the lyrics from Nithya Shankari matching wonderfully. What’s more the songs do not have any artificial dance sequences, but have been shot as montages.

What’s Not

  • The film’s protagonist, Geethan has tremendous scope for improvement in the scenes with the heroine. His performance is not as convincing or powerful as Haritha’s which brings down the engagement quotient of the relationship plot line.
  • The film as a whole loses fizz primarily because it tries to convey a message on the farmers’ upliftment as well as throw a perspective on interpersonal relationships; while it would have great if one had been toned down in favor of another, resulting in a tauter narrative.



Verdict Stamp

Kuraiondrumillai is certainly a noble attempt from a debut filmmaker but its engagement quotient suffers as it straddles between proclaiming the need for farmer upliftment & reflecting the nature of modern interpersonal relationships.

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