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  • Komban Movie Review PipingHotViews
  • Komban Movie Review PipingHotViews

Komban (Tamil, 2015)

Arasanadu is a village that maintains a steady state due to its valued principles and strive to maintain peace between two warring neighbouring villages. Komban is the crowd favourite of Arasanadu for his pure heart and courage to rebuke any act of injustice. He falls in love with Pazhani and his family marry him off to her in a bid to reign in his masculine instincts that constantly land him in the bad books of the warring villages’ headmen. Pazhani’s father Muthaiah, goes the extra mile to ensure a peaceful life for his daughter and rubs the ego of Komban in the process. The conflicts between the duo and how it all changes with the interference of Komban’s rivals are what form the rest of this movie.
Running Time:
137 min
Release date:
1 April 2015
Directed by:
M. Muthaiah
Produced by:
K. E. Gnanavel Raja
S. R. Prakashbabu
S. R. Prabhu
Written by:
M. Muthaiah
Lakshmi Menon
Thambi Ramaiah
Super Subbarayan
I. M. Vijayan
Kovai Sarala
Music by:
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Shot by:
Editing by:
Praveen K. L.
Distributed by:
Studio Green

What’s Hot

  • The story revolves around a hot headed young man who has a tough time handling a new relation that marriage brings with – his Father-in-Law. This is an uncomfortable subject which every married man would have definitely encountered, yet never explored much in movies – which makes it an excellent premise to deliver a family entertainer with a difference. K. L. Praveen makes it an even more delightful watch with some fast paced editing to keep it to less than 140 minutes of run time.
  • Karthi as Komban is our quintessential ‘son of the soil’ portrayal that wins over the hearts of all sections of the audience – rural or urban, young or old, men or women , alike! His masculine appearance in the wake of fight against the ill-valued villains and the stark contrast he shows when in romance and in realization of family values – two polarizing aspects of the character which he balances perfectly to maintain the integrity.
  • Rajkiran breeds familiarity again as a gentle giant who as a magnanimous father-in-law, never acts out of turn and is the perfect symbol of an age ripened wise man. The wait for Kovai Sarala in a toned down role has taken a long time coming and is refreshing to say the least. Thambi Ramaiah cements his place further as that irreplaceable character that the audience crave to see with yet another solid performance.
  • Lakshmi Menon’s expressive eyes and captivating smile will win hands-down in comparison with any other of her colleagues. She is probably the most impressive of the lot of dusky beauties who can play a shy-romantic-stubborn village bred girl at will and no wonder the protagonists fall for her at first sight!
  • Muthiah’s direction show signs of brilliance in the way he has incorporated subtle cultural aspects of the villages of Ramnad district, which again is a fresh canvas is not dealt with much in movies. The characterizations of Rajkiran, Lakshmi Menon and Karthi maintain their inherent traits even after the marriage as they struggle to understand their real relationship – another aspect of his direction that deserves special mention.
  • G V Prakash Kumar rocks the rural milieu yet again to brandish his unique style of music with a brilliant mix of melodies and peppy numbers alike. Karuppu Nerathazhagi… turns out to be a rage among youth to replicate the success of his earlier Othai Sollaale… from Aadukalam. The background score is equally enjoyable in the many action and emotional scenes featured in the movie.

What’s Not

  • Screenplay suffers minor bruises at a few strategically important places due to some hurried transitions in the second half like the one where Karthi realizes his hasty decisions – the pivotal point of the story which happens almost instantaneously with not much of diligence.
  • The Climax turns out to be somewhat dampening and the movie ends abruptly after the protagonist deals with the villains with some help from the villain’s enemy – a knot that was neither tied nor untied with conviction.



Verdict Stamp

‘Komban’ is that specially made concoction with a neat emotional story as its base, which is enhanced with flavours of rural culture and related personality traits and topped off with near perfect performances from the cast and crew to make it an ultimate commercial success doubling up as a good- to-watch family entertainer that is sure to captivate one and all!

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