Vasu and his four friends are the laughing stock of the town right from their childhood due to their poor record in academics, girls and their bad choice of inspirations. The worst they ever did was probably taking a silly pledge which would haunt their lives forever! Vasu begs to differ with them on this and fed up with their tantrums, he cooks up a story and moves to Chennai to get away from them. He meets a super hot girl Deepika and just when things get rosy between them, Vasu’s friends come to Chennai and the effects of that fateful pledge takes the story to completion.
Running Time:
157 min
Release date:
25 December 2014
Directed by:
Karthik G. Krish
Produced by:
Arul Raj
G Uma Shankar Reddy
R Senthil Kumar
S Sudan Sundharam
Written by:
Karthik G. Krish
Sonam Bajwa
VTV Ganesh
Venkat Sundar
Karthik Priyadarshan
Music by:
Natarajan Sankaran
Shot by:
Dinesh Krishnan
Editing by:
Distributed by:
S Pictures

What’s Hot

  • The story knot is unique where a group of unassuming kids make a pledge that makes their lives so different from the others that they cease to be normal even after growing up. When a few of the lot start to realize what they are missing out, it doesn’t end well. This makes for a truly fun filled entertainer from Karthik G. Krish where Vaibav as Vasu and his friends led by Karunakaran have a field day with such an ideal premise to showcase their skills.
  • The dialogues featured in the movie are simple and get the message conveyed partly because of the common man lingo used in abundance and partly due to the high levels of humour interspersed in each of them. The one-liners mouthed by Vaibhav, Karunakaran, VTV Ganesh and their friends are so hilarious that the audience have a hearty laugh at quite a few places in the movie.
  • Newcomer Sonam Bajwa sizzles on screen in her hyper-sexy role as Deepika, the daughter of a super rich businessman. She does a solid job as the lady love and the costumes designed for her in each frame are just mesmerizing and one simply can’t take their eyes of this beauty!

What’s Not

  • The execution of the second half of the movie has a fair share of disappointments especially related to the handling of sentimental outbursts and there are places when things become too predictable and over dramatic towards the end which slackens the grip which the story has on the audience.
  • The support cast, particularly of those in the family of Deepika’s fiancée are a major let down as they are unable to fit into their roles as that of the rich and affluent class.
  • There is absolutely no reason why this movie was censored with a clean ‘U’ certificate which made families bring in their kids to uneasily wade through waves of suggestive scenes and dialogues. The song which features Vaibhav and the baddies engaged in a war of uncivilized words – though muted out, leaves a lot of undesirable moments when presented with slow motion and close-up shots.



Verdict Stamp

‘Kappal’ is a swanky ride on top of waves of rib-tickling humour that hits dangerous ice bergs due to some mediocre navigation- though precariously placed, it manages to hold its stature and avoids catastrophe in time to produce an eventful experience!