A young Shakthi, loses his father in an attack on his employer, Shiva and his family. Shakthi manages to save Shiva’s wife who takes him under his wings to raise him as his own son. Shakthi transforms into an invincible gangster under Shiva who commands a notorious gang in Madurai. The harmony in the gang is put to test when seeds from Shiva’s crooked past come back to haunt him and he does the unthinkable. The ensuing tale depicts the aftermath and the unexpected turn of events lead to a gruesome climax.
Running Time:
168 mins
Release date:
10 January 2014
Directed by:
R. T. Neason
Produced by:
R. B. Choudary
Written by:
R. T. Neason
Mohan Lal
Kajal Aggarwal
Mahat Raghavendra
Niveda Thomas
Music by:
D. Imman
Shot by:
Ganesh Rajavelu
Editing by:
Don Max
Distributed by:
Super Good Films
Gemini Film Circuit
Maxlab Entertainments
Ayngaran International
FiveStar International
ATMUS Entertainments

What’s Hot

  • Mohan Lal and Vijay together work up a commanding screen presence, helped by Mohan Lal’s charisma and majestic appearance paired with the youthful vibrance displayed by Vijay. The camaraderie and chemistry between them is so natural and pleasing to the eye.
  • Mohan Lal and Vijay steal the show with their performances in emotional scenes, the interval block for example will stand the test of time to prove the versatility of these two actors. Poornima, Mahat and Niveda complete the first family of the gang with adequate performances in predictable characters. Sampath does a commendable job is his role which surprisingly gains prominence once the twists unfold!
  • The visuals pertaining to the song sequences are refreshing and vivid, thanks to Ganesh Rajavelu’s expertise. The stunt do not miss out as well with the lens-man churning out some unique frames that have the action fanatics awe-struck!
  • Imman’s music score deserve special mention as it launches the build-up sequences to a new level. The theme music is wisely interspersed to glorify Vijay’s presence, sending the fans into rapture. “Sivanum Sakthiyum sendha maasuda….” song ups the tempo with authentic kerala chenda beats. “Verasaa Pogayile..” and “Kandaangi…” leave the audience dizzy with romance with pleasant music and catchy lyrics!

What’s Not

  • Kajal does not have any major role to play in spite of playing a policewoman and only appears on screen for the duet songs with Vijay and the scenes leading up to it. Kajal beats the hell out of Soori and even fires a weapon at him who is a fellow police officer, which shows police in poor light.
  • The songs are placed questionably in the movie. The item song placed before the interval block takes the punch out of the otherwise perfect interval block. A few crucial scenes like Vijay training to be police officer are not concentrated upon much, which gives an impression of misprioritization.
  • For an entertainer that runs to nearly 170 minutes, the movie offers very little comic relief (even those loaded with excessive vulgar double entendre) to the otherwise all out action sequences. Too much action and too little relief, makes the movie a grueling watch especially towards the end.
  • The dialogues written for the movie are not so special to celebrate the collaboration of two big stars in Vijay and Mohan Lal. They are very familiar and peppered with punch lines that have been heard in atleast one other such commercial movie, Suriya’s Singam. Vijay’s attempt to deliver his dialogues in varying modulations in quick succession seems to have become a dangerous habit as it does make the desired impact.



Verdict Stamp

A promising treat with an ensemble cast starts with great appetizers, but a grueling wait for an ordinary Entrée, makes it just another meal!