Gautham’s mom deserts him at a very young age. As a result, he develops a hatred towards women. He makes friends with two other people at school. Together the three of them become inseparable friends till adulthood vowing to stay single throughout and form an Ad-production company. Gautham’s life revolves around his two friends as he even refuses to speak to his father due to a significant reason. When those two friends break the vow and get married, Gautham breaks ties with them out of his ego. How the friends get back together forms the rest of ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’.
Running Time:
155 mins
Release date:
20 December 2013
Directed by:
I. Mueenuddin Ahmed
Produced by:
G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran
Dr. Ramadoss
Written by:
I. Mueenuddin Ahmed
Trisha Krishnan
Vinay Rai
Andrea Jeremiah
Music by:
Harris Jayaraj
Shot by:
R. Madhi
Editing by:
Praveen K. L.
N. B. Srikanth
Distributed by:
Red Giant Movies

What’s Hot

  • Jiiva shines as the egoistic Gautham and the whole film revolves around him. His looks match the role of an upper-class Ad-film director. His body language and voice modulation, especially when mouthing dialogues in anger are a treat to watch.
  • Trisha as Priya is magnificent and has played her role to perfection. Her costumes look splendid and her range of expressions are put to good use. Her chemistry with Jiiva also works well and they make a wonderful pair.
  • Vinay, Santhanam and Nasser who form the primary supporting cast, are very good in their respective roles. Santhanam has not been used merely as a comedian but many of his one-liners still evoke laughter from the audience. A special mention should be given to Andrea for looking awesome as a model and her song with Jiiva has been shot very well.
  • Madhi’s camera work is exquisite and the frames in Europe look marvelous. The costume designer, Vasuki Bhaskar deserves a big round of applause for her work in the film. Jiiva, Trisha and Andrea look amazing on screen and a big credit should go to Vasuki for this. Harris Jayaraj delivers the goods yet again in a romantic film and his tracks and BGM do good justice to the film.
  • After Vaamanan, Ahmed has come up with a love & friendship oriented story that deals with how relationships get affected by ego. His handling of such a huge cast giving equal scope for everyone is a great achievement.

What’s Not

  • The film is quite long at 150 odd minutes and having three songs in the first half seems to have brought the pace down significantly. There are quite a few jokes that don’t work and they too have contributed to the slowness.
  • Although enjoyable, there are quite a few comic sequences which have been inspired from various videos that many might have seen on the internet/forwarded mails.



Verdict Stamp

A rich, feel-good entertainer that deals with relationships featuring excellent performances from the ensemble cast.