Moneykandan (Vaibhav) has the perfect life – a beautiful girlfriend, plum IT job and a House in his name. His perfect life is unexpectedly interrupted and thrown into chaos when he is given the pink slip by his employer. At this juncture a box of money worth about 5 crores lands at his doorstep. Under tremendous financial stress, Moneykandan lusts for the money but has to hoodwink two rowdy gangs to get the cash.
Running Time:
117 min
Release date:
18 April 2014
Directed by:
Produced by:
C J Jayakumar
Written by:
Remya Nambeesan
Sayaji Shinde
Kota Srinivasa Rao
Music by:
S. Thaman
Shot by:
A M Edwin Sakay
Editing by:
Paramesh Krishna
Distributed by:
Abi TCS Studios

What’s Hot

  • Writer-director Shree shows his mettle in the writing department. His screenplay ensures that the film doesn’t lag much and picks up pace after initially establishing the characters and the setting. The idea of using popular Tamil film dialogues to prop a film is not new but the way it has been done is film is refreshing. Kudos to the direction department for the apt placement. The film’s strange name is justified by the well choreographed climax sequence.
  • After showing traces of his skills in Mankatha, the good-looking Vaibhav Reddy who plays the funnily named protagonist Moneykandan (as per numerology) has done an effective job. Being his first film as a solo hero he has made extra efforts to emote well and it shows. His girlfriend Meera, essayed by Ramya Nambeesan, has done a decent job and their chemistry clicks.
  • Veterans Kota Srinivasa Rao & Shayaji Shindae light up the screen by mouthing some memorable lines. The goons under them have also performed exquisitely to ensure that the situational comedy is enjoyable. In fact the film might have had more ROFL moments had they been given more screen time.
  • Rarely does Thaman get a film whose genre allows him to experiment and when faced with a unique script like ‘Damaal Dumeel’, he really comes to the party. His background score is electrifying particularly when the guitar dominates. The songs have also been kept short to make sure the running time does not exceed 2 hours.

What’s Not

  • There are some logical lapses in the film where the Visa required to fly to the USA has been conveniently forgotten as the protagonist desperately seeks just the passport to fly away with the money. The usage of the word ‘Money’ instead of the Tamil equivalent looks very artificial.



Verdict Stamp

A one-of-a-kind attempt that warrants a watch propped by impactful writing that keeps things short & sweet without descending into melodrama.