A stage singer, Tamizh, having the voice of Maestro Ilayaraja and an aspiring teacher, ‘Sudhandhirakodi’ meet in a marriage. After some petty misunderstandings, their relationship blossoms into love. When the brother of the girl opposes their marriage and tries to marry her off to his friend, the visually challenged couple fights back admirably.
Running Time:
162 min
Release date:
21 March 2014
Directed by:
Raju Murugan
Produced by:
Written by:
Raju Murugan
Malavika Nair
Aadukalam Murugadoss
Music by:
Santhosh Narayanan
Shot by:
P. K. Varma
Editing by:
Shanmugam Velusamy
Distributed by:
Fox Star Studios

What’s Hot

  • Hats off to writer-director Raju Murugan, for presenting a delightful tale of love. It is a very innovative attempt from the director to have himself narrating the story on screen. It surely enhances the appeal and the film unfolds like a novel. The producers also deserve a pat on the back for backing the original script and refraining from including any commercial elements.
  • ‘Attakathi’ Dinesh who plays the protagonist, ‘Tamizh’, delivers the performance of a lifetime. One can imagine the amount of work that has gone into playing a visually challenged person with incredible authenticity. The same goes for young Malavika who plays ‘Sudhandhirakodi’. She expresses a gamut of emotions through her face and wins the audience over with her independent character. Their romance and chemistry are remarkable indeed.
  • All the supporting characters have played their part perfectly. The ones to note are the ‘Chandrababu’ look-alike owner of the music troupe, Tamizh’s close friend who is also visually challenged but delights with his one-liners, and the brother of Sudhandhirakodi’. Special mention to the ‘MGR’ look-alike who has no dialogues but still took enormous applause from the audience in the second half.
  • Santosh Narayanan’s BGM is spectacular and his songs have been shot well and used appropriately. Due credit also to Maestro Ilayaraja whose songs have been used intelligently across the first half. Just goes to show the timelessness of his tunes.

What’s Not

  • Once it has been established that the protagonists are in love in the first half, revisiting the love between them again in the second half swallows quite a big chunk of time even though the sequences looked very good on screen. This could have limited the present running time of 162 minutes greatly.



Verdict Stamp

A heart-wrenching tale that presents a charming love story in the midst of the harsh lives of the visually challenged who take on all obstacles with a determined face.