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Vidivu (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

This satirical take by Karthik Vilvakrish on the lack of inspiration for employees in the Technology industry & the avenues to look for outside its confines is appreciable for the narrative brimming with creativity that goes beyond the usual. Prakash, donning the dual roles of DOP & Editor warrants special mention for the haphazard cuts that add to the puzzle & the commendably good low-light filming and grading. VFX work also catches the eye in the loopy maze sequence & so does the casting of a giant-like figure who, sadly, does nothing!

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Tikkun Olam (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

The film conveys thoughts on 'relationship' that has seen enough years for the individual space of the ones involved blur and obsession to creep in. A third person's contribution in providing a fresh perspective to sort the unsettled dust forms the major chunk of the short. The idea chosen to provide this perspective is radical, yet pleasant and the casting of Balaji for it seems to have done the trick as he comfortably carries it to coast.

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Jilebi (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

Jilebi starts off like every other Gen-Y short film where two young folks talk on phone in a somber tone with expletives thrown around casually. Of course, there are some good lines amidst the conversation like the where 'Game of Thrones' is described as 'Bit ku naduvule thaan kathai'! The narrative jumps into serious mode with Akshay-Prithu’s fabulous background score accompanying it.

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3 Kattan Chai 2 Love Story (Tamil, 2015) | Short Film Review

The short (read very short) film ventures out to prove its opening statement that Love is Blind, Shameless and Brainless, with a quirky little story - rather two of them! The way the first one was played out had some decent humor built on a funny conversation. The haphazard cuts, inconsistent frames and unconvincing acting made it look a lot less professional. The music was quite well done with the second story and the dialogues were casual and just suited to the theme and characters despite having a couple of cuss words chosen in pretty bad taste as they were not of real significance. The three characters in the second story did a fine job with their acting.

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