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Mad Max: Fury Road

The greatness of Mad Max: Fury Road lies in the fact the Series can be classed as a separate genre – say an amalgamation of Super Hero films, Death Race series and the Fast & Furious series. The awe-inspiring action, thundering music & thrill-a-minute ride accompanying this epic tale, make this a MUST-WATCH in theatres!

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Doug Mitchell
George Miller

John Seale

Jenny BeavanWinner

George Miller

Margaret SixelWinner

Lesley Vanderwalt
Elka Wardega
Damian MartinWinner

Colin Gibson (Production Design)
Lisa Thompson (Set Decoration)Winner

Mark Mangini
David WhiteWinner

Chris Jenkins
Gregg Rudloff
Ben OsmoWinner

Andrew Jackson
Tom Wood
Dan Oliver
Andy Williams