Meet the team

AnandContent Writer
Working in a top IT company in Chennai, Anand is a staunch believer in the power of Cinema and is addicted to all genres of Cinema. He is also passionate about short-film making and script doctoring. When not watching or reading up on movies, he loves to keep track of various sports such as European Football, Cricket and Formula1. Some of his favorite movies include the Monty Python Series, Memories of Murder, Oldboy, Rope, Witness for the Prosecution, Shutter Island, Kramer vs Kramer, Iruvar, Aaranya Kaandam, Bharathiraja’s Bommalattam, Paradesi and Kattradhu Thamizh.
ShriramContent Writer
Having developed a liking to Cinema during College, Shriram now dedicates a good chunk of his time watching and admiring movies amidst juggling his many lives including being a popular techie at work. With a soft spot for humour, his major interests lie in suspenseful thrillers and historic recreations. He is an avid observer, man of few words and has contributed to a few small short film ventures in his own, small and intangible way.
SivaramContent Writer
For Sivaram, movies bear an influence on his way of life. He watches films of all sorts and his ‘personal favorites’ list is headed by Kurosawa, Kamal Haasan, Hitchcock, Spielberg & Woody Allen. He enjoys searching on Youtube for keywords like The Shining Redrum scene; Good Bad Ugly final duel; Django unchained skull scene etc. He runs a blog, listens to songs and writes movie reviews in the free time he doesn’t spend on watching Tennis, which to him, is the best among all sports.
SubbuContent Writer
An avid reader and a keen observer, Subbu started developing a liking towards black and white photography. Gradually making strides into motion picture, admiration peaked with following the big guns of Tamil Cinema. National and international cinema later dawned on him with the age of Steven Spielberg and that took him way back to the glory days of Hitchcock and Woody Allen. He writes when he takes his working hat off, trying to stay true to being a last word freak to strike the right chords with his verdicts on movies.
SwarnaContent Writer
A way of killing time which slowly blossomed into a passion is how Swarna describes one of her favorite past times of watching movies. Her love for movies is second only to her interest in art and crafts and she indulges in making collages, painting and craft-work. Jack Nicholson, Kamal Haasan, Hugh Jackman, Aamir Khan, Vera Farmiga & Julia Roberts are a few artists whom she adores.
MoheeshContent Writer
For Moheesh, movies became a part and parcel of life ever since the days his dad used to take him around in his Chetak, to watch every new movie in town. He watches movies of all genres adroitly balancing it with all the other things in life that he is passionate about. An avid traveller with a fervid penchant for adventure and long drives, this techie has a fetish for crime thrillers.
SiddharthContent Writer
Studying in a reputed college in Chennai, Siddharth is a cinema-freak addicted to watching movies from all around the globe. With a staunch sensibility and a distinct taste, he likes to indulge in watching movies across eras. Apart from watching movies, he takes interest in writing articles analysing cricket & is fond of penning music reviews. Some of his favorite movies include Scarecrow, Dead Poets Society, Dial M For Murder, Kuruthipunal and Manhattan.
AriefWeb Developer
Largely self-taught, Arief has spent his days in different areas of web development from application programming to UI development, user experience and visual design. Combining his development skills with the ideas about a website around movies, he is seen as the face behind the technology and operations of PipingHotViews. Apart from coding, this Chennaite loves warm weather, dogs, Keanu Reeves. He lurks reddit and watches movies in his free-time.
RamjiGraphic Designer
Ramji is a passionate Product Designer by profession but his fascination towards visual aspects of any design made him the Graphic Designer for the team. He was instrumental in creating a distinct visual identity (logo) for PipingHotViews and the customised badges to rate movies. Other than designing, Ramji has a great eye for detail for things around him and tries capturing them during his DSLR photography trips.