Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri who was revealed to be an undercover RAW agent and foils Omar’s bid to detonate a nuclear device in New York, continues his mission in the United Kingdom to try and stop the elusive Omar from wreaking havoc in London. The dynamics are a lot different for Wisam with his cover blown and his dear wife Nirupama tagging along. Wisam’s dilemma of letting his loved ones in the line of fire, complicates proceedings as they battle to the finish!

Running Time:
141 min
Release date:
10 August 2018
Directed by:
Kamal Haasan
Produced by:
Kamal Haasan
Written by:
Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan
Rahul Bose
Pooja Kumar
Andrea Jeremiah
Shekhar Kapur
Jaideep Ahlawat
Waheeda Rehman
Anant Mahadevan
Music by:
Shot by:
Sanu Varghese
Shamdat Sainudeen
Editing by:
Mahesh Narayan
Vijay Shankar
Distributed by:
Raaj Kamal Films International

What’s Hot

  • Kamal never ceases to surprise us and this time he wows us by exhibiting the fire of romance within him, which has not doused a bit with age! He steals the show with pure emotions on his face, be it the affection when he meets his Alzheimer’s afflicted mother who fails to recognize him or the adorable looks he throws at Andreah from the flashback.

  • The dialogues are penned precisely to the point and make for a convincing argument each time. The brief exchange between Kamal and in the presence of Andreah and Pooja, is such an enjoyable sequence that flows with confidence and wit in right proportions.

  • Akin to the first part, the stunts are choreographed in a thoroughly professional sense and captures the attention, which undoubtedly makes it the USP of this installment as well. The many close quarters combat sequences that are featured, is truly breathtaking to watch.

What’s Not

  • Kamal’s veiled mockery of a specific caste was borderline disgusting with excessive abuse of the accent and slang as well. Despite dialogues that openly establish a neutral stance for the protagonist, it still felt hypocritical and nothing but biased propaganda.

  • The screenplay was off color when it tried to narrate details of past events that were not detailed earlier. Going back to show bits and pieces of the same event was a bit distracting and redacted the narrative from moving forward. The most disappointing of the lot was the transition between the two halves of the movie which was just plain incoherent.

  • The story’s progression towards the climax sticks out like a sore thumb. Omar’s confrontation with Wisam could have been the epic moment, instead the focus is put on Kamal yet again as he is challenged to overcome improbable odds. Frankly speaking, Omar’s never-ending obsession with explosives becomes repetitive and spoils the experience!




Verdict Stamp

Vishwaroopam-II mounts a valiant attempt to complete the experience offered by the first installment, riding on the multi-faceted Kamal Hassan’s abundant talent. A faltering narrative and incoherent screenplay are to blame, for it cannot do anything more than play second fiddle!