A young rebel fighter joins hands with his childhood buddies to protest against the ruling dictatorship. In the ensuing plan, they gun down a soldier of the militia. This sets the secret agents on their tail, who manage to capture him, jail him and torture him into submission to act as a double agent. Will the secret agents plot out a grand arrest of the others responsible for the attacks against the rulers with the help of the protagonist? What happens later forms the plot of this movie.
Running Time:
96 mins
Release Date:
16 October 2013
Directed by:
Hany Abu-Assad
Produced by:
Hany Abu-Assad
Waleed Zuaiter
David Gerson
Written by:
Hany Abu-Assad
Adam Bakri
Waleed Zuaiter
Leem Lubany
Iyad Hoorani
Samer Bisharat
Shot by:
Ehab Assal
Edited by:
Martin Brinkler
Eyas Salman
Distributed by:
Wild Bunch Benelux

What’s Hot

  • The movie deserves a huge round of applause for being terrific in all departments. The lead actors have done a splendid job with their roles, especially that of the protagonist, Omar played by Adam Bakri and the heroine, played by Leem Lubany. Their love track seems very fresh and devoid of any vulgarity.
  • All the supporting actors have contributed in making this work. However, Amjad played by Samer Bisharat, proves that he is an unsung hero of the movie performing with ease in both the comical and serious scenes.
  • The screenplay has to be lauded for taking a simple story to intrigue and suspense with necessary elements of humour, action and twists. The romantic exchanges, the jail stint and the action sequences are a visual treat.
  • The action sequences in the movie are a class apart with the protagonist and his gang members choosing to perform the stunts daringly. Special mention has to be given to Adam Bakri as he scales walls throughout the film and the sterling effort he has put in, shows up on screen.
  • Writer-director, Hany Abu-Assad deserves credit for churning out a wonderful movie from a deceptively simple knot. That has managed to win his second nomination for the Best Foreign Language Movie category from the Academy, after announcing himself and his country through Paradise Now speaks volumes about his talent.



Verdict Stamp

‘Omar’ is a story of a guy who gets locked as a double agent with the secret agency and his own gangsters. It has been very well made into a gripping tale with towering performances from its cast.