On their honeymoon, young Florence Ponting faces difficulty in being intimate with her husband, Edward Mayhew. In spite of having known him for quite a while with a wonderful courting period, she had never been intimate with him and had never been able to discuss it openly with her companion.

Running Time:
110 min
Release date:
07 September 2017
Directed by:
Dominic Cooke
Produced by:
Elizabeth Karlsen
Stephen Woolley
Written by:
Ian McEwan
Based on:
On Chesil Beach by
Ian McEwan
Saoirse Ronan
Billy Howle
Emily Watson
Anne-Marie Duff
Samuel West
Adrian Scarborough
Music by:
Dan Jones
Shot by:
Sean Bobbitt
Editing by:
Nick Fenton
Distributed by:
Bleecker Street

What’s Hot

  • The writer, Ian McEwan, (who wrote the original book as well) has handled a delicate topic in a really mature fashion. The fact that he has been able to bring the audience into the tale without taking sides of either Edward or Florence for the most part, needs to be appreciated. Ian’s dialogues are also simple without any air of superiority making it easier to empathize with both the protagonists.

  • Saoirse Ronan as Florence Ponting is impeccable and she aces a pretty difficult role using her body language. The way she enthusiastically mouths every sentence brings the part to life. Her chemistry with the male lead, the stark difference with which she interacts with her overbearing mother and that of her husband’s and her remarkable skill on the violin shows why she is one of the best actors out there now.

  • In spite of being dominated by Saoirse overall, Billy Howle (who plays Edward) has been able to make a mark with his boyish charm and the way he channels his sexual frustration into words during his verbal joust on the beach with his wife. His performance in the climax is sure to melt hearts.

  • The film has some really fluid camerawork by Sean Bobbitt (whose previous works include 12 Years a Slave & Queen of Katwe) who is at ease both in the breathtaking exteriors and the artistic interiors. Similarly, Dan Jones’ exquisite background score is a strong pillar for the film.

  • The director, Dominic Cooke is impressive in his first feature film showing his skill at extracting the right emotion from his actors. The film is also cleverly edited by Nick Fenton who has cut Ian’s screenplay in such a delightful fashion as it cuts back to the past at regular intervals from the honeymoon suite.

What’s Not

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Screened at

Capitol Göteborg

Capitol Göteborg is an art house Cinema theater in Gothenburg showing quality movies every day of the week. The theater opened on November 21 1941, and after several owners is now in the hands of three former employees.

Event Info

Date of Screening : 15-Jun-2018
Venue and Time : Capitol , 6.00 PM

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Verdict Stamp

On Chesil Beach is a special film from debutant director, Dominic Cooke. Ian McEwan’s dexterous writing has the lead actors in top form with Saoirse Ronan especially delivering a charming performance that is quite certain to standout as one of her best.