When an over-obsessive jobless man stumbles upon an opportunity to shoot videos of crimes and offenses happening in the city of Los Angeles he grabs it with both hands and takes the game to a whole new level. Armed with nothing but his single-mindedness and determination to make it big, he does all he can to gain a strong foothold and make his ambitions come true. Does he have what it takes to make it up the ladder? How far can he go to achieve it is what gives us the ‘Nightcrawler’.
Running Time:
117 min
Release date:
31 October 2014
Directed by:
Dan Gilroy
Produced by:
Jennifer Fox
Jake Gyllenhaal
Tony Gilroy
Written by:
Dan Gilroy
Jake Gyllenhaal
Rene Russo
Riz Ahmed
Bill Paxton
Ann Cusack
Music by:
James Newton Howard
Shot by:
Robert Elswit
Editing by:
John Gilroy
Distributed by:
Open Road Films

What’s Hot

  • Jake Gyllenhaal throws in a performance of a lifetime. If Prisoners gave Gyllenhaal a big break, Nightcrawler will turn up as the movie that could make his career. The blinking eyes have given way to hollow eyes and from the scene where he is introduced as a scrap stealer where he might strike you as a reasonable, personable guy until the last frame in the movie where his true colors are revealed as he hustles towards his goals, he excels in every shot and but does take one by surprise to witness how far a man’s ambitions can take him. His acting peaks when he meticulously brings in the creepiness with his persuasive but robotic dialogues. His lines when he faces off with Bill Paxton and when he takes on Rene Russo are of sheer class!!
  • Rene Russo as the News Director of the local news station plays her role to perfection. Her character has been well-etched to support Gyllenhaal as she initially spots his talent and ends up becoming inspired by his determination. She has indeed come a long way from The Thomas Crown Affair.
  • Dan Gilroy deserves a special mention for coming out with such a thriller. Even though the movie is devoid of any flashy, commercial elements it definitely doesn’t let the audience lose their interest in the plot ever since the start. It goes a long way in highlighting media’s often compromised moral compass, their madness and the way this world has allowed this insanity to thrive ludicrously.
  • Howard’s innate and absorbing background score doesn’t let the movie down. Bill Paxton & Riz Ahmed essay their roles as good as they can.

What’s Not

  • The sheer lack of empathy shown by Gyllenhaal is definitely not a crowd-puller but might go down well with the critics.
  • The climax does seem to have been needlessly rushed up and gives the impression that the director is trying to test the intelligence of the audience.



Verdict Stamp

Imagine what would happen if Robert De Niro’s role as Travis Bickle in the Taxi Driver is reincarnated to suit the current landscape - Nightcrawler almost takes it to a notch beyond that. A real thought-provoking, creepy flick that fusions enough revulsion and strong performances with a clear pot-shot at the unscrupulous mainstream media.