86 year-old Irving Zisman is a weird man who is mourning the loss of Ellie, his wife of 46 years and also has to take his grandson Billy to his junkie father due to unforeseen circumstances. The duo set out on a road trip with Ellie’s body in the trunk and the unsuspecting people they meet in their journey are put up to some inappropriate, insane and jaw dropping pranks captured using hidden cameras all the while.
Running Time:
92 min
Release date:
27 October 2013
Directed by:
Jeff Tremaine
Produced by:
Johnny Knoxville
Jeff Tremaine
Derek Freda
Spike Jonze
Written by:
Jeff Tremaine
Johnny Knoxville
Spike Jonze
Johnny Knoxville
Jackson Nicoll
Greg Harris
Georgina Cates
Kamber Hejlik
Music by:
Kool G. Murder
Sam Spiegel
Shot by:
Lance Bangs
Dimitry Elyashkevich
Editing by:
Seth Casriel
Matt Kosinski
Distributed by:
MTV Films

What’s Hot

  • Johnny Knoxville’s makeup and styling as an 86 year old man needs to be lauded. Steve Prouty has done an exceptional job and it is virtually impossible for someone to identify Johnny until he lets out his signature laugh!
  • The pairing of Johnny and Jackson Nicoll is perfect as Grandpa and Grandson. Jackson’s antics evoke more comic response than those of Johnny and one can feel Johnny’s naughty side rubbing off ever so naturally on Jackson.
  • Some of the pranks are of a massive scale with respect to the location and the audience to the pranks. Appreciations are in order for the director Jeff Tremaine to have been able to pull these off with only two lead characters and without the slightest of suspicions!

What’s Not

  • Though this movie has a central plot to the earlier movies which were just compilations of daredevil stunts and pranks, this seems to have taken out the magic the flow between scenes or pranks are too discontinuous and presented in a heap.
  • The Jackass franchise movies are known to make Rated R movies and this one is no different, yet the inclusion of a kid in the lead cast seems to be beyond moral reasoning considering the physiological effects that the perverted pranks could have on young Jackson!



Verdict Stamp

This outrageous presentation by Johnny's team will leave you in disbelief at how enjoyable it is to witness insane pranks on unsuspecting people!